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So watching the HP movies start to finish beginning with the Christopher Columbus (was that actually his name?) ones yesterday (Side Note: I am so annoyed all over again at the way SS/PS ended--the Slytherins had won the House Cup and were CELEBRATING, the banners ALL OVER THE GREAT HALL, and then their ex-Gryffindor Headmaster starts awarding an INSANE AMOUNT OF POINTS TO GRYFFINDORS TO MAKE THEM WIN. Sorry, that is NO WAY to teach an entire school of impressionable young minds ANYTHING, except that yes, no one likes you if you're in Slytherin and no matter what you do the entire year to earn points, you don't get rewarded if three students decide to go on a rule-breaking lark and defeat evil one of seven times--who decided defeating evil was worth those points anyway? When Harry and Ron did the troll in they got what, five points apiece? That's ridiculous, that is.), and I just started wondering:

How does Platform 9 3/4 work?

We know you basically have to run into a wall and you emerge on the other side on a completely different platform, but the one thing that's always been a hallmark of JKR's world was how so many of the things that Harry experienced at the beginning of the story were later explained in greater detail, to show that they were part of the bigger picture and not just a one-time thing.

The Leaky Cauldron was hidden in the same way Grimmauld Place sort of was (I think)--normal people saw both buildings on either side of it, but those who knew what to look for could see it too. The Floo is obviously one of the more common means of transportation, and the Portkeys were useful as plot device as well. Even Dumbledore's Deluminator made its appearance as early as the first chapter, and the Vanishing Cabinets were another form of magical transportation that we saw on two separate occasions.

Is Platform 9 3/4 a version of the Vanishing Cabinets or is it its own kind of magic? It doesn't seem to be like the Cabinets in that it doesn't exactly pop up in another place altogether--when Harry and Ron took the Ford Anglia to go to Hogwarts, somehow they managed to pick up from King's Cross and onto the Hogwarts Express tracks and caught it in no time. So... how does this magic work? Does it lead to a different location in the same area, like underground, maybe, where wizards can go?

More importantly, is this magic only applicable to Platform 9 3/4? Where else did we see this in HP? What other ways could wizards use it? Getting into the Ministry of Magic involved a variety of clever ways that wizards could cross over from the Muggle world into the magical, but do any of those include whatever was used for Platform 9 3/4?

Also, is that the only way anyone could access the Hogwarts Express? Gotta admit, it's easy enough to believe that Muggles could very easily ignore it when a boy runs straight into the wall and seemingly disappears, but. Can you imagine September 1? How many students at Hogwarts must be at King's Cross that day doing the same thing within a concentrated period of time and not be noticed?

I don't know. What do you think?
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Who'd have thought internet-related work would actually reduce my personal time on the internet? I haven't touched this thing for nearly a month, eurgh. (I have been reading posts, so I am all caught up and stuff.)

Anyhoo, by now I'm sure at least half of you are aware of Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. If you aren't, here's a bit of background.

Now, reaction to the series started out strongly positive (minus a few cries of "O-ver-RA-ted!", which we all expected anyway) but it has dwindled into discontent once the third installment came out. Understandably. The story veered into a totally different, yet apparently Whedonesque direction.

I still love it, though. And it isn't just Neil Patrick Harris, it's also-- gosh, so many things.

And because it contains potential spoilers, here under the cut are the 3 reasons why I actually liked the way it ended. )
The way I see it, this isn't the end of Dr Horrible. Whedon came into it looking to circumvent the issues that plagued the WGA Writer's Strike, and you know what, I think he found a way to do it. I wouldn't be surprised (and right now I wouldn't begrudge him) if he milked this for all it was worth.

Here's what I think is coming out of Dr Horrible:
  • DVD with a lot of extras, including a commentary in song
  • an official soundtrack
  • a comic book about Captain Hammer

Here's what I'd love to see:
  • a full-length Broadway production (he sounded like he was joking, but...)
  • more webisodes
  • a movie
  • a TV series (my vote's with this one, but I think Whedon should keep it an iTunes exclusive. How friggin' awesome would that be?)

And with all that they left hanging, with everything they hardly expounded on (see the list of villains credited at the Evil League of Evil), how could they not expand this?

PS. I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet, won't see it til [ profile] ccharlotte comes up here this weekend, so I'm avoiding those LJ entries. Can't wait though!
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but I do realise that yes, most of slash and yaoi and fandom owe their roots to the so-called subtext between Kirk and Spock of the USS Enterprise.

Apparently they're doing an "early years" movie for Christmas 2008.

Primarily for [ profile] miss_charmed: Guess who's playing Spock?
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I just woke up at 5am today so I can bake cookies before leaving for work because I need to give these cookies to some people right after work and I have no time otherwise. Also, I hate that I used this icon for the baking allusion.

You know you're overworked when you've been waking up at the crack of dawn for the last couple of days just to find time to squeeze in all the extra things you have to do *fails*

I have caught up on Heroes though (and noticed that every time my hands touch metal suddenly, I feel a JOLT OF ELECTRICITY OMG I'M ELLE *wins*), and tonight I've Private Practice, Gossip Girl, and House. \o/ Gosh, three hours already. WHEN am I going to do my homework? :\

I don't even BAKE. Actually. Besides that one time when I sort of helped out, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE BAKED ANYTHING BY MYSELF. And I am giving these to people to eat. What am I thinking? :|
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It's a little sad that primary reason I'm eyeing the Amazon Kindle at all is because it's connected to Wikipedia at all times, and as such, can now be considered Earth's version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.



Oct. 19th, 2007 09:59 pm
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[ profile] thethirdbar, so. You're gonna have to ship yourself? :|
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After last week's episode, I have come to the conclusion that Gossip Girl? Is totally the Slytherin House As I Would Like to Know It.


Blair is Pansy.
Nate is Draco.
Serena is probably Tracey or Daphne, they're interchangeable. :|
Dan? Let's say Ron.
Jenny is, hello? Ginny. :D
Chuck? Theodore.

Spoilers ahoy, for Gossip Girl, and how it parallels the Lives and Times of our Slytherins )

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How Grey's Anatomy is Just Like an RPG

1. Everyone eventually sleeps with everyone else.
2. Everyone's PB is hot. (Well, nearly.)
3. If a player stirs drama, the mods kick him out.

I will miss Burke next week.
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For the WIN, folks, for the freaking win!

Drunk guy: Yeah, so all these straight women are totally into this gay Japanese porn. You know, uh, what's it called? Yahweh?

- from Overheard in New York
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My hiatus lasted for all of six hours, go me. :| BUT I got a brilliant idea while getting a massage, so yay? I guess. There's 1,500-3,500 words that STILL needs to get done BESIDES that, but oh well. And and and now. Frenchies aren't allowed to speak French around me they are so hot mad crushing happening eeep. :">


Somehow I'm not surprised--in fact, I'd go so far as to say I'm actually amused--to check my flist and KNOW I'll see a comment directed at me. Shall I drop to my knees and beg forgiveness now, I wonder? Offer Y!M roses and bat my lashes and hope I look sad enough to take back in?


Maybe not today.

(I'm really not in the right NiceAndSweet!Evy kind of mood to deal with this right now, honey. There might have been something in my food. Or the illness got to me, and now I'm raving mad. That's possible too.)


There's something smart with the way Livejournal just let us have three icons first and fifty icons for extra and the whole controlling just how much we get thing that's such an ingenius marketing strategy. See, unlike GJ, which gave us 1000 from the get-go, it actually means something when LJ gives away things for Christmas, like the three extra user icons or the free upgrade to extra icons that comes with any paid account purchase, which is an ubersmart move on so many dorky-business-love levels.

Because with any company, you have to have room for improvement. GJ just maxed theirs out immediately, and they don't seem to be making any room for innovation over LJ at all, either.

LJ so nifty. I like.
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Are you all sure that Neverland doesn't exist, and that we can't really go there? Did Peter Pan actually grow up after all? WHAT THE FUCK WAS WENDY THINKING, LEAVING?

I want my pixie dust.
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Guess guess GUESS where I'm typing this journal entry from? Noooo, I'm at home currently, but how about this brand-spanking new shiny adorable small and silver laptop, huh? Huh? Huh? :D

I actually got this Monday evening (with a free printer and a funky blue and gray Targus backpack) but as I wasn't supposed to be online I decided to keep quiet till now. :P I looked over what everyone said, and then I also asked some boys (and now I know what some of the specs mean, lol), and I got a teeny tiny 12-incher with 512 DDR and 60gigs of space. It's already equipped with Intel Centrino, which means I can go on wireless internet as long as there's a hotspot, and it can play DVDs without having to have the system turned on, too. The speakers are pretty good, and I'm in the process of downloading and installing things (Y!M: Check. Mozilla: Check. Sticky Post-Its: Check. Photoshop: Check.) right now. On Saturday I will transfer all my files from Bert to Blaise via Roger (who is my flash disk, and named because he gets plugged into so many holes :|) and then I will have settled quite well. :D

I have named him Blaise too, because he's small and silver and the brand name is Viper, and look! I have PICTURES. :D

Cut to Respect the Non-Dorky People )

Speaking of, I saw a bit of an episode of QaF again today. I just realised that I needed to be reminded of the hotness that is Gale Harold.

And then I watched Grease again. SO amusing.

I should probably sleep. I will, really. Tomorrow I will go to the GYM. God. Exercise. Boggle boggle.

(My friend has wondered if I have some form of social disease that just makes me weird to talk to. I fear she may be on to something. :|)


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