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No, really. They are. It's got Olivia Newton-John in it.

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Gay marriage gets legalized in Maine:

"In the past, I opposed gay marriage while supporting the idea of civil unions," Governor Baldacci said. "I have come to believe that this is a question of fairness and of equal protection under the law, and that a civil union is not equal to civil marriage."

Dudes. Did somebody step on the Gay Agenda Gas Pedal, and where can we go to shower him with rainbows and shiny sparkly awesome things?
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  • has been really iffy with me in the last few days. I know some of you guys have talked about backing your LJs up-- what programs do you use and how do I go about doing that?

  • Speaking of LJ, my paid account expires soon, like December 1 soon. I want to change my layout into something like, black, white, red and floral (like my room), before the account changes back into more limited settings, but I am out of ideas. Grr. Help?

  • Want to know a bit of awesome? You can bake peanut butter cookies with only 3 ingredients. That's right: 1 egg, 1c sugar, and 1c peanut butter is all a girl needs to be happy in this world. (Just mix them all together, put dollops on a cookie sheet, bake on 350-375F for ~10min, and voila!)

  • Live near Chicago/somewhere in the Midwest? Have no plans for the second weekend of December? Come watch Were the World Mine with fellow slashers! Sign up post and details are over here.

  • Thanksgiving dragging you students down? Here's a fairly helpful article on The College Students' Guide to a Happy Thanksgiving. Am going to see if it works. :|
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Who'd have thought internet-related work would actually reduce my personal time on the internet? I haven't touched this thing for nearly a month, eurgh. (I have been reading posts, so I am all caught up and stuff.)

Anyhoo, by now I'm sure at least half of you are aware of Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. If you aren't, here's a bit of background.

Now, reaction to the series started out strongly positive (minus a few cries of "O-ver-RA-ted!", which we all expected anyway) but it has dwindled into discontent once the third installment came out. Understandably. The story veered into a totally different, yet apparently Whedonesque direction.

I still love it, though. And it isn't just Neil Patrick Harris, it's also-- gosh, so many things.

And because it contains potential spoilers, here under the cut are the 3 reasons why I actually liked the way it ended. )
The way I see it, this isn't the end of Dr Horrible. Whedon came into it looking to circumvent the issues that plagued the WGA Writer's Strike, and you know what, I think he found a way to do it. I wouldn't be surprised (and right now I wouldn't begrudge him) if he milked this for all it was worth.

Here's what I think is coming out of Dr Horrible:
  • DVD with a lot of extras, including a commentary in song
  • an official soundtrack
  • a comic book about Captain Hammer

Here's what I'd love to see:
  • a full-length Broadway production (he sounded like he was joking, but...)
  • more webisodes
  • a movie
  • a TV series (my vote's with this one, but I think Whedon should keep it an iTunes exclusive. How friggin' awesome would that be?)

And with all that they left hanging, with everything they hardly expounded on (see the list of villains credited at the Evil League of Evil), how could they not expand this?

PS. I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet, won't see it til [ profile] ccharlotte comes up here this weekend, so I'm avoiding those LJ entries. Can't wait though!
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Free is my new favourite word, and Craigslist Free Stuff my new favourite place.

Okay, so there's a lot of junk there, but I just picked up a free ticket (two free tickets, actually, and if [ profile] ccharlotte had come here a day earlier we'd have been able to see it too, since we considered watching it before--but that's okay, because tomorrow we're watching a play about Mrs Zabini, hahaha.) to see Altar Boyz.

To be fair, the musical looks like it's on its last breath in the city (the last show date is March 16) because the theater, which was smallish to begin with, was only 70% filled, maybe less. I had excellent seats too--sixth from the front, dead center.

And Altar Boyz itself--hahaha. I probably would not have paid to see it (not even $45), but it was hilarious. And gay, sort of. And hilarious. I ♥ Luke. And Abraham.

Free. I'm still waiting for the catch.
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Skip to about 3 minutes in. It is. OMG. I want. I WANT SO BADLY AND I AM ASHAMED OF THAT BUT I DO.

...there was Get Over It, a teeny-bopper flick about, well, a high school.. musical.

Nothing much like High School Musical, except:

Troy Bolton Ben Foster is a basketball star.
His best friend Chad thinks his theater craze is crazy.
Kirsten Dunst is a girl named Kelly Kelsi? who writes her own songs.

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Fill in the blank:

I always tell ________.

Explanation behind cut )

In other news, I saw Wicked for the third time today, except now I was sat in the front row. A little to the right. Fantastic view of nostrils and everything.

Man, it would be SO amazing if the Fiyero hadn't been so clearly gay, but I guess it also works because Elphaba and Glinda had so much more chemistry anyway.

I can't be the only one to think that, right? :|

HOW have I been updating DAILY?
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Ooh, Livejournal, you have a Halloween-y theme going on.


Somehow in the middle of my hell week I thought it would be a good idea to--guess what--fly to New York for the weekend. Essentially I:

1. Am now behind on a couple of Pretty Important Project Deadlines
2. Deprived of Decent Sleep
3. Perhaps way in over my head (But that's because of the 20-hour-a-week 7.50-an-hour part time job I took on last week. WHAT WAS I THINKING.)

But it's worth it, I suppose, because:

1. I met up with a friend from college back home and we got drunk on $5 worth of open bars. And peed in the apple center and discussed Making Money Via Selling iPhones for a huge margin back in the Philippines, where they're selling for double the price like hotcakes.
2. Spring Awakening. Mad, mad, mad awesome musical. (And on that note, does anybody have the whole soundtrack? Upload it for me please?)
3. One day I will have one more story to tell my grandchildren, and then I will laugh about it and give them my advice in hindsight so they know what to do next time. :|


Oct. 19th, 2007 09:59 pm
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[ profile] thethirdbar, so. You're gonna have to ship yourself? :|
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Turned 21 yesterday in what could possibly have been one of my better birthdays ever--actually, it might have been the best. [ profile] ccharlotte's over here for the weekend and I took her around Chicago (and by took her around I mean get her lost at every possible turn--sorry about that :|). Yesterday we watched the Chicago broadway production of Wicked, which is so not bad on a re-watch, might I say.

"Well we can't all go by bubble."

And then we went to the United Center to watch the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings game, which people were convinced Blackhawks was gonna lose, but they didn't.

Allow me now a moment to assume that the world revolves around me and say that the Blackhawks totes won the game for me. :| :D

It was a great game. Also, I finally got my first taste of alcohol in the US (because yay, legal!) and I didn't get carded.

Man, talk about anticlimactic. :|

Anyway. Hope you're all having a great weekend! ♥

(Belated Happy Birthday, [ profile] theroutineriot!)
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They're showing Zanna, Don't! (whose album I uploaded last Valentine's Day) in two weeks.

jasf;djk;saldfaslkdfjasdf OMGZYAY. SRSLY. YAY.
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This is a post that I literally waited MONTHS to make. :|

Sometime last year I stumbled upon a 2003 off-Broadway musical called Zanna, Don't! A Musical Fairy Tale ("a gay-is-good musical that crusades for heterosexual's right to love each other"). Jai Rodriguez (from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) is Zanna, Heartsville High's very own magical matchmaker in a world where homosexuals are the norm, and heterosexuals are subject to heterophobia (Also a world where chess champions, not football quarterbacks, are considered sex symbols.) where, naturally, problems happen when a boy and a girl end up falling in love.

Naturally, I went out and bought the CD, and I thought I'd share it with the flist, as I'm sure most of you would enjoy this, whether you're single or taken. :D

Here's the list of songs, but the cut following it details the plot (as taken from the CD summary) in case you wanted to understand everything that was going on. (Asterisked songs are highly recommended.)

  1. Who's Got Extra Love? *
  2. I Think We Got Love
  3. I Ain't Got Time *
  4. Ride 'Em **
  5. Zanna's Song
  6. Be A Man **
  7. Don't Ask, Don't Tell **
  8. Fast
  9. I Could Write Books
  10. Don't You Wish We Could Be In Love? *
  11. Watcha Got? **
  12. Do You Know What It's Like? **
  13. 'Tis A Far, Far Better Thing I Do
  14. Blow Winds
  15. Straight to Heaven ***
  16. Someday You Might Love Me
  17. Straight to Heaven (Reprise)
  18. Sometime, Do You Think We Could Fall In Love? ***
  19. Finale

Spoilers and summary here )
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On the Internet

Nothing comes up when I google Trojan Horse Generic2.JGX or Trojan Horse BackDoor.Generic3.WCY and I kind of need to know what they are because I had them. :| Would anyone know where I can look? :\


On Civil Rights Issues

In the meantime, here's an interesting topic of discussion. In a nutshell, it's this: Britain's implementing anti-gay discrimination laws, but is considering allowing Catholics to opt out of it because it would be against their beliefs in marriage and family if they were to let gay couples adopt children from their adoption agencies. (And if Britain says they have to follow the laws anyway, the agencies are more likely to shut down because, a cardinal says, they might lose funding.)

Does the religion retain their right to their beliefs if the state has said otherwise? And why? (Consider religious freedom vis a vis civil liberties gay rights. After all, isn't religious freedom in itself a civil liberty?)


On Musicals

  • [ profile] miss_charmed gave me a copy of the Wicked stage production with Idina Menzel, Kristen Chenoweth, and Randy Harrison as Boq. :P

  • Avenue Q is going to be staged here. :D Auditions are going to be on Feb 20 and, due to my prodding, a friend from high school is going to try out for Gary Coleman. (I swear she's perfect for the role.)

  • They are also adapting High School Musical to the stage. :| And I know someone who's in the cast ensemble. It's on February 23-25 and I've already made plans to watch it with friends. The HSM craze is still somewhat strong, it appears. :|
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  • I've bought speakers (for the low low price of $5!) so now I can actually listen to music through my iPod without screwing up my laptop's virtual memory. \o/

  • Unfortunately, for some reason, my laptop can't detect my external hard drive. :\

  • Cameron and Chase are engaged zomg. Well, not Cameron and Chase so much more as the actors who play them. :| I didn't even know they were dating!

  • What's your favourite movie ever that nobody's heard of? For the last few weeks I've been watching random movies on and off and I stumbled upon Fried Green Tomatoes and loved it. Also checked out this Korean film called Sad Movie and realised I like crying at movies. :| And and and I've never actually heard of Reefer Madness the Movie Musical until now, and wuh. I love musicals. :|

  • A Starbucks barista came over to our table yesterday and asked us if we wanted to do a coffee taste testing. Curious, my friend and I agreed, and he gave us the boldest, most intense coffee blend I've ever tasted. I'm not a coffee drinker, but man that was good coffee, and also, I love learning about things like How to Taste Coffee. You think you know, but you have NO idea, haha.

  • December's over. When are Grey's, House, and Heroes coming back? :(

  • My icon is ironic.


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