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Apr. 17th, 2012 02:46 pm
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Happy Hunger Games

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

BAM. Who's got two thumbs and is District Four's first member? :D FINNICK I'M COMING FOR YOU.

It's completely new but it sounds pretty promising, based on the profile info, because it's not just about sorting or anything-- of all the fandoms, I'd say THG is probably one that's ridiculously appropriate for a landcomm. There will be "games" that'll have one volunteer and one drawn tribute from each district competing. It'll operate like a LIMS thing, and the Sorting is different because it plays on the whole idea that the Capitol is in control all the time. They make the final decisions but District mayors can try to bribe them with coin earned from activities. IDK IT JUST SOUNDS SUPER INTERESTING OKAY?

But there aren't a lot of people yet, so it's not quite where it could be for the concept to work, I don't think. So you should consider joining (and tell them I sent you, there's no ~referral program yet but there could be!) and sign right up especially if you're into The Hunger Games.
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SO. As previously stated, tried to do Peeta's cheese buns yesterday. Actually I also tried my hand at dip-able bread rolls... only I haven't quite perfected the art of working with yeast and so it never activated, so the bread didn't rise, so instead of puffy bread rolls I have itty bitty dense ones. Which is a pity, because the recipe was SO GOOD and the bread tastes really good, but it's just a little tough and small and not at all dinner roll-y. This also makes me hesitant about trying to do the District 11 bread because, well, that'll need to rise twice too.

But anyway. I did the cheese buns yesterday, and it was SUPER EASY TO DO. I highly recommend it. I think the biggest problem I had was that the dough didn't really hold all that much, and then it got sticky as I was trying to set it up later, but I just floured up my hands and that made it easier to handle. I wish our broiler worked so I could have added the cheese on top too but I do think it's good as it is.

One thing I wish I'd changed was the glaze-- it was a LOT saltier than I would have liked, so I think next time I'll either cut back on the amounts of garlic powder, Old Bay, and salt that I added, or not glaze it four times which I thought I should do because it looked too pale otherwise. :| After letting the buns sit for a night, though, the saltiness seems to have gone.

It did also make for a lot of salty buns jokes last night, so that worked out. :|

Also, [ profile] madlybewildered and [ profile] acidpop25 told me fondant can be bought ready-made, so I'm kind of looking forward to playing with it sometime soon. I'm not sure how much I trust my fondant sculpting skills because these things always look a lot easier on video but hey, worth a try. :P
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Someone alerted me to the existence of these series of videos where a group of girls try to recreate the food in The Hunger Games, and I am DETERMINED to make Peeta's Cheese Buns for Saturday when we do our watch party for the Hawks. DETERMINED. Also then I can say I've eaten Peeta's cheese buns because I am twelve years old and very easily amused.

Then I want to try doing the District 11 bread because the ingredients for that look superawesome: poppy seeds, oatmeal, milk, sugar, honey, flax seeds, sunflower seeds... WANT.

I was also talking to someone about food from Game of Thrones and there's a blog/LJ/SOMETHING out there that has recipes from the book too, but those sound like they're better for autumn cooking anyway, and I want to try those too.


ETA: My coworker just gave me the bestest idea ever: A Capitol-themed Halloween party!

Things wot I want to try with it:

Lunch with Cinna
Cupcakes on Fire - trolololol how the fuck do I make fondant?
Goose liver and puffy bread
Pasta in Green Sauce
Capitol pumpkin soup
This or this version of the lamb stew with dried plums dish.

Well. Maybe not all at once. I definitely want to do the cupcakes, the pasta, the goose liver and puffy bread, but it probably should be more cocktail-y if it's a Halloween party and not as much meal-y. There's gotta be more colored drinks and shit too. ALSO. Capitol Couture, that'll be FUN. If people don't want to dress up like Effie Trinket we can tell people to dress up in suits and slick back their hair and then we'll hand out a cutout of Seneca Crane's beard SO THERE.


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