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I don't often do flist cuts (I feel like this is the first in... three, four years? PROBABLY EIGHT ACTUALLY, lol, I am a hoarder okay <.< >.>), but I just did a little flist trimming. Took out deleted LJs (all of the strikethroughs are making me so sad :(), comms I don't really follow anymore (Torchwood ILU, but lbr you were never really one of my fandoms :\), and people who have unfriended me and whose journals are primarily flocked (IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE, BUT IT'S OVER NOW, IT MUST HAVE BEEN GOOD, BUT I LOST IT SOMEHOWWWWWW).

Technically, none of you should be concerned, and I wasn't going to make this post at all, but it occurs to me that if I accidentally cut someone I shouldn't have (which is likely, I did have 13 pages to go through :|) they might end up thinking it's about something it isn't about, so here's the explanation for what's going on.

So if you're reading this and you've been unfriended by mistake, let me know and I'll add you back. Also, SORRY, DID NOT MEAN IT I PROMISE. <3

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whatever holiday it is that you celebrate. ♥
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  1. A Public Service Announcement:

    Mac Users: You may want to be warned about a sort of trojan spreading around designed particularly for Quicktime users. (Though it isn't really the point of the article to which I just linked you, really. :|)

  2. A Question

    I joined a holiday card exchange community and one of the occasions we're asked to write cards about is the Winter Solstice, or Yule.

    And I have no idea what sort of greetings are used for it. :| (On that note, coming from a country with primarily one religion in one area and a different one in another, I don't actually know much about Jews either.) The rest (like dates and stuff) I'm sure I can google, but if any of you do know more about this please to be telling me any special rituals or events regarding Winter Solstice?

  3. The Christmas Card Thingy

    Guys, I've already bought the cards, but I realised it would be SO much cooler if I did it another way, as inspired by the comm I previously mentioned.

    If you trust me not to stalk you, please do leave me your address in a comment (I'm screening them, don't worry), along with characters you'd want to receive christmas card/greetings from, and I shall attempt to be in character for you. :| or something. maybe i'll just send you regular christmas cards. :| but you know. in case this is a good idea. :D (I DO have a seal that I've been dying to use since I bought it in Denmark, if I can only find it now. :|)

    Also, my address can be found here. I think it's been arbitrarily filtered so if you can't see it but want to send me a card as well then comment and I'll add you to the filter. (S'the problem with those things--you set them up once and then forget to add people to them. :|)

ETA: If I have your address, and I may or may not have lost it, depending, I'll likely send you something still. :|


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