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Title: Countdown to the End of the World
Characters: Theodore Nott, Draco Malfoy, Mrs Zabini, Blaise Zabini
Rating: G
Word Count: 1266
Warning(s): Allusions to zombies?
Summary: "How do we get there?" Draco asks the afternoon he nearly gets bitten on a food run. He swears up a storm and throws a hissy fit but Theodore makes him wait the requisite five hours anyway. Rules are rules, Theodore reminds him, earning only a stream of colorful curses from Draco. He doesn't stop glaring at him for at least an hour after he is finally allowed back in.
Author's Note: Written (and currently hosted at) [ profile] hp_zombiefest. This fic takes place in the same universe as the fics I wrote last time, Dead Men Walking and The Quibbler's Guide to the Rising, though you don't need to read either to follow this one.

( Countdown )
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Title: Hallowed Halls
Rating/Warnings: G
Characters/Pairing: Minerva McGonagall, Eleven, Amelia
Summary: The Doctor promised Amelia an adventure.
Word Count: 1234
Author's Notes: Originally posted for [ profile] hh_writersblock here for the prompt Fandom Crossover. Wrote this in 30min, have only edited to add sorting information. This was one of the most fun to write out of all the [ profile] hh_writersblock challenges I've done.

There is something strange going on at Hogwarts. )
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Sorry, afraid this week is going to be a whole bunch of fic posts. I'll space them out so they're not spammy. <3

Title: Scenes from the Hufflepuff Common Room
Character(s): Pomona Sprout, various others
Beta Reader(s): [ profile] jaggarte
Word Count: 2197
Rating: G
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None..
Note: I wanted to write a story about the students, but Pomona became the best way to tell it. In the end though, I think she'd say this is still about the students. Written as a pinch-hit piece for [ profile] hogwarts_houses and originally posted here. This was kind of hard to write--we know so little about the Hufflepuffs in general!
Summary: One day Pomona Sprout put up a bulletin board. Then her students made it their own.

'But Voldemort is far away, and the danger facing Hogwarts lives inside the castle walls.' )


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