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A little over a year of living at my apartment and I've only just now figured out exactly how close I live to the gorgeous lakefront (and park, and Shedd Aquarium, and Adler Planetarium, and Field Museum). People, it is walking distance! And in the summer it is absolutely gorgeous. Sobbing, how did I completely miss this??

Sometime this week I will probably take a walk (or a jog! LOL) around and take pictures, weather-permitting, or something. I need to picspam this because next summer, if things fall into place (or David Bolland onto my lap, who knows), I might end up closer to the United Center.

And then next weekend, before San Fran, we're doing a staycation-type thing-- bought a City Pass already-- and act like tourists in Chicago. (Have you seen the glass ledge on the Sears Tower? Fuck, I am all over that like white on rice!)

Summer in Chicago, I have missed you!
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but asking the flist is so much more fun!

SO! Based on a conversation I'm having with [ profile] ccharlotte, I would like to know what you--yes, you--would do if the person you are currently seeing (or the last one you were seeing, or someone you would like to be seeing, or the cashier you were flirting with at the store today) ~magically~ switched genders.
  • How long have you been seeing this person?
  • Would you keep seeing this person?
  • Will the relationship stay romantic, sexual, both, or platonic?
  • Do you identify as straight, gay, bisexual, asexual, or something else?

Speaking of gender switching-- is this something that, like, could ~hypothetically~ happen in the Harry Potter universe? In Tales of Beedle the Bard, it's mentioned that Transfiguring a person into an animal is not the same as becoming an Animagus, because Transfiguration makes the object of the spell lose his/her consciousness while an Animagus retains it. So if you can Transfigure a living person into a living being, does that not then mean that you can Transfigure a living person into another living person? (Which, incidentally, renders Polyjuice moot, unless the potion is somehow easier to do or something.)

And really, now that I think about it, this goes into two different discussions, doesn't it?

A. If Transfiguring people into people works, then... )

B. If there is some sort of ~rule~ rendering that theory an impossibility... )

God, Jo. I would really love it if you were more meticulous with how your universe worked, but that would take all the fun out of writing fics, wouldn't it?
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have theo RIP d's shirt
he cut them open
he can't rip it?
pull it, then! pop the buttons! that's easy

Raise your hands, flist, if you have EVER successfully ripped open someone's shirt. It's not POSSIBLE.

Is it?
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SO. I am back at my apartment (to talk to [ profile] ccharlotte, who is too lame to come to Terminus with me even though she's practically in my backyard-- oh, who am I kidding, Terminus is in my backyard) and thus commences Terminus Day 2 recaps. Or updates, or whatever. Um. (ETA: I started writing this last night, but apparently I was exhausted, because I fell asleep in my apartment. Um. Yeah. :|)

I kind of really really want a comm where people can put up discussion points from their Terminus panels and some such, but like. I think Tai and I were the only ones dorky enough to have been writing notes, like, everywhere. :|

  • Finding out that the one character in the book given the most due process (ie, a trial, an appeal, witnesses and evidence) is actually, um. Buckbeak.

  • Buying a Slytherin sweater! No, really, I have been looking at Hogwarts schoolgirls all this time and being all "I WANT". Except I don't know. We'll see if I can wheedle Bri into being a Slyth again so I'll have someone with me. Yes.

  • Impromptu Wrock thing by The Remus Lupins (Alex Carpenter), who led a horde of fangirls all the way to the park. He is so awesome with his fans. I think I may be a little bit smitten.

Also, um. The Hilton has the most depressing elevators in the world. They have little TV screens tuned in to CNN so in between panels and roundtables and presentations we'd go in and the elevators would tell us that Edwards admitted to having an affair and that Georgia was invaded and the Obama and McCain coverage would be awesome.

But CNN did not tell me that Bernie Mac has died. I found out when I got back home. :(

PS: I have officially overheard something. :P
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So Line ([ profile] ccharlotte) and I watched The Dark Knight yesterday, finally, and I loved every moment of it. (I love this city!) I won't wax poetic over it, but I have to admit that like [ profile] ronniekins77 I DID avoid reading what the flist thought of it, so this could very well be redundant or repetitive or whatever.

I just have one spoilerific question )
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Line ([ profile] ccharlotte) and I saw Kate Nash in concert.

yeah you make me merry make me very very happy )
And if you've never heard of Kate Nash...

Here are some of her songs )

You must also see this:

CUTEST song ever, y/y?
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life updates I'm recording just for posterity's sake, or, you know, if anyone was wondering what I'd been up to these days:

  • Internship - I think I got one. I say I think because I've not heard word from my employer since I told them I'd love to work with them. It's unpaid work for 40 hours a week beginning as soon as the spring semester ends and ending just before the fall semester begins. Should be a fairly interesting learning experience. (That's what I call them-- learning experiences.)

  • Apartment - Never talked about it here, not really, except for that one time I ranted, but I've found an apartment and roommates who seem okay, so that's all well and good. We're all three of us squeezing into a one-bedroom (they share the living room, and the bedroom is all mine) in a high-rise lake-view condo fifteen minutes from downtown, three blocks from the nearest train station. I am so excited.

  • Chicago - I'm loving this city more and more each day. This Friday [ profile] ccharlotte and I are going to Looptopia (and trying to stay out all night long) even though next week is like, hell week. It's not like this happens more than once a year, though. (Finals, meanwhile, happen far too often.) Plus, we're going to see Kate Nash (also going to see Made of Honor, lololol cannot wait). I can has Friday nao plz?

I'm tired a lot of the time, but I'm mostly pleased about how things are going.

'Sup, flist?
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So [ profile] ccharlotte and I were coming home from a less-than-stellar play, and in the intersection before the guest suites we were staying we were stopped by some dude and a couple of cops. Why?

They were filming a movie, and a helicopter and The El were involved, and they didn't want anyone under the El tracks while the helicopter was flying below regulation, almost just above the El.

It flew right over us, and when we got to the guest suites, Line actually saw the helicopter land on top of the train. (Or, you know, it looked like that from where we were, and we had a pretty good view. They must have timed it precisely.)

So. Freaking. AMAZING.

The guy said the movie was called "The Unborn", but I think it's closer to, oh. The UnBourne?
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...but I figure some of my flisters might be interested too. :|

So [ profile] ccharlotte and I, while waiting for Torchwood Season 2, have taken to watching through the first season, and then perhaps the last three episodes of Doctor Who's last season.

We were nearing the end of Episode 3: Ghost Machines, when [ profile] ccharlotte noted something just a little bit peculiar in the wall of The Hub.

Cookies to the Most Creative Speculation, Bonus Points if it Comes in Drabble Form )
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line's agreed to pb david tennant for julian for me! my terry so happy. *dances*

doctor who christmas special was. well. ace for the one-liners. and random bits and pieces. like RUDGE. RUDGE RUDGE RUDGE. and the random boy who looked like john barrowman! and kylie minogue, and that couple! and the arthur-like historian, haha. the hitchhiker's reference! but mostly david. david was awesome.


"You're not mating with me, Sunshine."



God bless Great Britain. *salutes*
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I've decided.

I know JKR has spun out this amazing universe and we are all in awe of it and we love it so much, but.

Plz to be stepping out of fandom territory, Jo, and let us keep our delusions. Alternatively, should you choose to do so, write your own goddamn fanfiction and keep this shit out of canon.

*cries* Astoria. Seriously. WTF.

In other news, I will be gone for most of the holidays, from tonight until mayhaps the eve of January 7 (I'll be at Line's from the 3rd to the 6th, but we'll be getting back laaaaate and we're not really gonna be around on the 5th or 6th). I wish I could say it would be because of something grand, like a first year retreat for McKinsey Business Analysts in Puerto Rico (oh, I wish), but the truth is, I will be at my cousin's, where there is no need to have broadband internet in a household of two grandparents, two early Gen-Xers, and three kids ages 6, 4, and 2.

That said: Happy Holidays, chicas! ♥


Dec. 1st, 2007 07:08 am
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Let's pretend LJ didn't fuck up the surprise and the email actually came in today TODAY. :| *squee* Liiiiiiiiiiiiiine thank you for the paaaaaaaaaaaidness.

I have icons again! And a chance to get a new layout! *twirls* OMG longer posting time because I'm gonna have to remember all my icons once more! :|

And I am DEFINITELY getting House icons.

By House I mean Slytherin ones. :|
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Turned 21 yesterday in what could possibly have been one of my better birthdays ever--actually, it might have been the best. [ profile] ccharlotte's over here for the weekend and I took her around Chicago (and by took her around I mean get her lost at every possible turn--sorry about that :|). Yesterday we watched the Chicago broadway production of Wicked, which is so not bad on a re-watch, might I say.

"Well we can't all go by bubble."

And then we went to the United Center to watch the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings game, which people were convinced Blackhawks was gonna lose, but they didn't.

Allow me now a moment to assume that the world revolves around me and say that the Blackhawks totes won the game for me. :| :D

It was a great game. Also, I finally got my first taste of alcohol in the US (because yay, legal!) and I didn't get carded.

Man, talk about anticlimactic. :|

Anyway. Hope you're all having a great weekend! ♥

(Belated Happy Birthday, [ profile] theroutineriot!)
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Happy Labor Day, everyone! ♥

PS: [ profile] ccharlotte now likes musicals. :))


May. 1st, 2007 04:26 am
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Line: What the fuck is up with my jaw.
Line: Must be all those blowjobs.
Evy: it still hurt--:|
Line: :| :D
Line: It's not my teeth, it's bone.
Evy: so tempted to post that on lj
Line: Like, if I bite down, it's pressure under my ear and pain under my ear, in that part of the bone.
Line: Why tempted? :|
Evy: you're right, i should just :|

I don't know whether I should be appalled or amused. :|

Oh hey, and it's the first of May.

I see Spiderman 3 later. I should be more excited. Yay emo!Tobey!
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Right, so, Line and I are done with Torchwood (Mmm, Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack), and the call for fic is great. :| Seriously. Fic? Jack/Ianto? Please?)

Anyway, we're now moving through Doctor Who's second season (OMG JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK) and HAH, how the stubborn have retracted former statements:

Line: He rambles.
Evy: *giggles* yes
Line: booooe
Evy: yep
Line: He's cool too.
Evy: yeah
Line: Okay, maybe I like David.
Evy: :D
Evy: he's ADORABLE, isn't he?
Line: I like his voice.
Evy: :D
Line: Chris played a better Doctor, but David isn't bad.

We've got twelve more episodes after this one anyway. And THEN Casanova. I'll convert her yet. Yes. :| :D
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Evy: they're both lovely doctors, really
Evy: only i'm madly in love with tennant
Evy: i've set ep4 up
Line: heathen!
Evy: *giggles*
Line: chris chris chris
Line: *marries him*
Evy: !!!!

So, flisters who are also Doctor Who fans:

David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston?
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What's Annoying:

  • Meeting up with friends who, when you attempt to sympathise and say things like "Yeah, I know what you mean. It's hard to get over someone you really loved." challenge you with replies like "Do you really? Do you really know what it's like to get over planning the future, going to get married in a long-term relationship sort of thing? Do you?"

    (I'm on your freakin' side here, seriously.)

  • Megaupload refusing to work when I need it to. I need it to work. Need it. (Okay maybe not really, but. Wah.)

  • Cellphones that refuse to send text messages.

What's Not Annoying:

  • Torchwood and Doctor Who, and watching them with Line. *bounces--hahaha--in seat* More episodes later, wheeee. More specifically, however, Ten and Captain Jack Harkness (ever notice how people called "Captain Jack" are automatically awesome? I am naming my kid that, now. :|) are so very brilliant, yes. I need to watch David Tennant again. And Jack. Yes. Hee.

  • Sendspace works. *\o/*

  • Plans falling into place, bit by tiny bit. (Although yes, yes, If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans, I know. :\ But eep. *crosses fingers*)

  • I've uploaded an old Joaquin Phoenix mood theme I created to [ profile] creativeslumber. Jude Law might be coming up soon, and I'm much prouder of that, really, but if you like Joaquin, go ahead and check it out. I want to mood theme something. :|

  • I am not, in actuality, trying to get over anyone, so I guess what above-mentioned friend said does hold some water.


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