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Just finished watching In Time. As a movie it was a great big meh--the premise was interesting only for the first few minutes, and then you start substituting time for money, the puns get old fast, and yeah, the plot barely holds itself together.

But I'll be damned if it wasn't an incredibly good-looking movie.

Forget Justin Timberlake, Olivia Wilde, and Amanda Seyfried (who are all pretty but obvs you expect them to be as at least Timberlake and Seyfried are the stars of the movie). Check out the ~Timekeepers, who look to me like a grown-up casting for Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, and Draco Malfoy (a little bit):

The first five minutes also featured Matt Bomer, and while I'm no White Collar fan, I can certainly appreciate him:

And then, of course, Alex Pettyfer who unrelatedly is apparently gonna be in that male stripper movie AWESOME, my sometimes-headcast for Zacharias Smith:

So basically I don't think it had much by way of anything else, but the eye candy was very much appreciated.
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A note to movie-makers who have barely any ounce of original thinking left and feel a need to go back to classics to rework and remake what previously successful franchise they could find and buy the rights to (so, everyone):

THIS is how you rape canon so hard and so good she'll end up spreading her legs most willingly for you and beg for more, more, oh god yes more please!
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If you've been wondering where I've gone these last two weeks, well. I really haven't had much else to say outside of hockey six games left til the end of the season! Upset by Vancouver! Still fourth seed but fighting to keep it! OMGZZZZ I HAVE PLAYOFF TICKETS! so I've stayed away from LJ for a bit. Still reading updates though!

Anyway, I have memes?

For the first one I got tagged by [ profile] acidpop25:

Firstly: People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
Secondly: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

Twenty Questions )

And this is the more interesting meme (I think, BUT ONLY BECAUSE NO ONE HAS STUMPED ME YET, MWAHAHAHA!): Fuck-Marry-Kill

1. Comment to this and I will give you three people. (Or sets of three, if you like.)
2. Post this meme with your answers.
3. Provide pictures and the names of three people.
4. Label which you would kill, marry, and fuck.

Kim gave me Terry Boot, Brian Kinney, and Barney Stinson. )

Jess gave me Theodore Nott, Terry Boot, and Astoria Greengrass. )

She also gave me Captain Jack Harkness, Ten, and Chuck Bass. )

Then Line gave me Toews, Sharp, and Keith. (Yes, they are Blackhawks players. Shut up.) )
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BOYD HOLBROOK WAS IN MILK. BOYD, my OTD (One True Draco-- well, barring Tom, really).

He never spoke a word, of course, but there was one scene where he gave Harvey Milk a ride on his motorcycle, and fine, so he was sporting a 70s mustache, but. But. Booooooooooooooyd. Nom nom nom.

That being said: Hahaha, Lucas. You know you want to come out, liek, now.

Oh, and Milk was cool. It is eerily similar to current events.


Oct. 15th, 2008 02:20 pm
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Gale Harold was seriously injured in a motorcycle crash and is currently in intensive care at LA County and USC Medical Center.

And perhaps I wouldn't be as worried or as concerned, but there's this bloody rule of threes and these days it's seemed as though there's been nothing but bad news, and. It's Gale.

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I have a lot of clout, being as to how, you know, I actually didn't attend any of the Terminus panels yesterday. :|

SO. Tally of people I am converting to the Gospel of Dr Horrible: 4. (What, don't know Dr Horrible? Come to our room, 1224. Christmas Eve at the GnH lounge.)

Um. No. Well. The only reason I'm posting is because Bri ([ profile] moonlitmercury has finally sent me Theodore Nott, or The Boy Rumored to be Theodore Nott.)

And here he is. )

Bri and Tai are writing Theodore/Terry fic. Ilovethem.

So, babble. I really should go back, I told Bri I'd only be gone a bit. ♥
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That Lust Meme: The Rules of the Game

1) List 5 3 celebrities you would consider having sex with without even asking questions.
2) Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them [5 3 - 1, 1 is the hottest].
3) Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you.
4) Supply photos for said people.
5) Tag five people to do the same. (Tagging [ profile] ccharlotte, though I have it on good authority we basically have the same top three list, though in varying order :|, [ profile] miss_charmed, [ profile] boho, [ profile] thethirdbar, and [ profile] ant_power)

What, I only have three? Tragically, yes. While there is a neverending supply of pretty people in the world, if any of them ever came my way and tried to hit on me or get me in bed, I might-- there are only three people I'd actually do, without feeling any sort of guilt or inferiority or whatever else whatsoever.

Here's a list of the pretty people I'd love to look at but NOT do, necessarily:

10. Chace Crawford - Gossip Girl Gossip Girl Gossip Girl
9. Ed Westwick - Gossip Girl Gossip Girl Gossip Girl
8. Noel Fielding - Big Fat Quiz of the Year--he's just too adorable for words. That, and if Jimmy Carr is to be believed, sleeping with him will likely get me STD. :| (Russell Brand, more likely.)
7. Russell Brand - BFQotY. What? He's conventionally attractive.
6. Neil Patrick Harris - First there was How I Met Your Mother, and then there's Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog-- I can't help it, this guy is cute. Perhaps not in the oh-em-gee-I-wanna-sleep-with-you way, but I totes want to be friends with Barney. He's awesome and legen--wait for it--dary.
5. David Tennant - so so so cute, but you just don't sleep with the Doctor.
4. Natalie Dormer - The Tudors--man, I cannot stop staring at this woman every time I watch an episode of The Tudors. She is just so so so gorgeous and pretty and delicate and gah, so so so flawless. But out of pure reverence I can just, like, never touch her, so, you know. She stays here. Outside the cut. :|

And my top three, those who I would ACTUALLY sleep with )
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I cannot miss the next Grey's Anatomy episode, but I probably will. BUT OMG I CANNOT WAIT THANK GOD THIS CAME IN BEFORE THE STRIKE.


Frankly I do not know how the screen can hold McDreamy, McSteamy, Alex Karev, and GALE HAROLD in one scene and not EXPLODE. Maybe that's why they can only put two in one scene at a time. :|

As I've been stealing my youtube embeds from [ profile] miss_charmed these days, I feel like you should all just defriend me and friend her. :| She will make your day every day, with South Park!Harry Potter and Gale Harold in Grey's Anatomy. Clearly she is made of much win, and I am merely spreading the word on her behalf. Call me John. The Baptist. She is Jesus. And I am Officially Blasphemous.

I've felt crappy and crazy all day, cut me some slack. :|
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I am graduating in less than a week's time, and I have learned, in the last two or three weeks since school officially ended, that there is much pretty in the world: :|

Right. When will David Tennant stop being adorable? :|

Really, Jack, you can't pretend that's just CPR you're doing.

Wah, my newest favourite woobie.

Praise the the Scottish, the Welsh, and Russell T Davies.


  • Ended up watching Sunshine today (because when you've got a gym-crazy mother a supposedly short trip to the mall for contacts turns into a three-hour wait that must be filled with doing something while she finishes her workout). I'm surprised they didn't topbill Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, Chris Evans and Rose Byrne. Decent enough film, can't understand why my friend raves about it so, but oh well. Also, I can't be sure if the creepy flashes of red-faced people grinning at the screen were intentional or not. :|

  • Trailers, trailers. Spiderman's so emo, but I love him so. That's about the only trailer worth watching, though, the rest were cheesy action flicks. Understandable, considering the main feature. :|

  • Weirdly enough, the malls are showing Gray Matters in cinemas this week. We've never had any LGBT films in mainstream cinemas before, this should be interesting. :| Of course, I'm assuming.. Gray Matters is LGBT, isn't it? Okay, wait, it's not showing in the US until June 19, but it's showing here on April 18? What? :|

ETA: Okay, wtf, America? You're not seeing Sunshine until September 2007? What's going on? :|
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Right, so, Line and I are done with Torchwood (Mmm, Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack), and the call for fic is great. :| Seriously. Fic? Jack/Ianto? Please?)

Anyway, we're now moving through Doctor Who's second season (OMG JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK) and HAH, how the stubborn have retracted former statements:

Line: He rambles.
Evy: *giggles* yes
Line: booooe
Evy: yep
Line: He's cool too.
Evy: yeah
Line: Okay, maybe I like David.
Evy: :D
Evy: he's ADORABLE, isn't he?
Line: I like his voice.
Evy: :D
Line: Chris played a better Doctor, but David isn't bad.

We've got twelve more episodes after this one anyway. And THEN Casanova. I'll convert her yet. Yes. :| :D
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Evy: they're both lovely doctors, really
Evy: only i'm madly in love with tennant
Evy: i've set ep4 up
Line: heathen!
Evy: *giggles*
Line: chris chris chris
Line: *marries him*
Evy: !!!!

So, flisters who are also Doctor Who fans:

David Tennant or Christopher Eccleston?
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If I fail to do anything for this weekend because I'm going through all the first two seasons of Queer as Folk--and if I extend all the way to Seasons three and four as well--goddamnit Brian Kinney is hot. *swoons* He's so much prettier than I remembered seeing him last time I first saw him. (Did that even make sense?)

Okay, Justin scene. What was I saying?

Right, I've [ profile] ccharlotte to blame. (Damn it, Line, I was going to do my case! *whines*)

OMG there's a sleazeball! BRIAN'S HAIR SO PRETTY.

"I got bored."

Oh come on. Goddamn Brian. kjasfkalsfkahsfjklfja;klf

Rewatching's so --*dies* *DIES*

"Where you headed?"

"Nowhere special."

"I can change that."


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