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[livejournal.com profile] thethirdbar, so. You're gonna have to ship yourself? :|
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For those who were disappointed, dismayed, let down and annoyed by the newest Spiderman installment...

Let Snow Patrol make up for it.
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This song is awesome, and if you don't believe me, you can click and hear it in real time instead of downloading.

imeem's nifty, why have we not discovered this before?

EDIT: Line says it's bad, but to put it into context, it's a parody of bubblegum Britney pop, which THEREFORE makes it CLEVER trash, and not my way of, as she put it, "circumventing the system and being able to enjoy Britney". PFFT.


And HERE is a parody of 80s pop. You must also listen to it.


Actually, forget the Pop! song, JUST WATCH ITS VIDEO. Bad 80s Pop as parodied! Hugh Grant shaking his ass! A FAKE HOSPITAL SCENE! FAKE BACKGROUNDS, etc etc. Hilarity all around! :D
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This is a post that I literally waited MONTHS to make. :|

Sometime last year I stumbled upon a 2003 off-Broadway musical called Zanna, Don't! A Musical Fairy Tale ("a gay-is-good musical that crusades for heterosexual's right to love each other"). Jai Rodriguez (from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) is Zanna, Heartsville High's very own magical matchmaker in a world where homosexuals are the norm, and heterosexuals are subject to heterophobia (Also a world where chess champions, not football quarterbacks, are considered sex symbols.) where, naturally, problems happen when a boy and a girl end up falling in love.

Naturally, I went out and bought the CD, and I thought I'd share it with the flist, as I'm sure most of you would enjoy this, whether you're single or taken. :D

Here's the list of songs, but the cut following it details the plot (as taken from the CD summary) in case you wanted to understand everything that was going on. (Asterisked songs are highly recommended.)

  1. Who's Got Extra Love? *
  2. I Think We Got Love
  3. I Ain't Got Time *
  4. Ride 'Em **
  5. Zanna's Song
  6. Be A Man **
  7. Don't Ask, Don't Tell **
  8. Fast
  9. I Could Write Books
  10. Don't You Wish We Could Be In Love? *
  11. Watcha Got? **
  12. Do You Know What It's Like? **
  13. 'Tis A Far, Far Better Thing I Do
  14. Blow Winds
  15. Straight to Heaven ***
  16. Someday You Might Love Me
  17. Straight to Heaven (Reprise)
  18. Sometime, Do You Think We Could Fall In Love? ***
  19. Finale

Spoilers and summary here )
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  • I have re-uploaded songs from my old anime soundtracks (and I'm sorry, guys, but I am so old school--no Bleach, PoT, or whatever else is new now for me. Instead I've got Gundam Wing, Fushigi Yuugi, and YuuYuu Hakusho or something. :|) and am listening to them currently. I love how I can still remember some of these lyrics despite, you know, not being Japanese. And BESIDES. They have Character Image Songs, in which characters angst about their life/love/feelings through songs sung by the guys who voiced them. I wish Harry Potter had that or something. :|

  • Carnival yesterday. It was amazing, I was knocked every which way and turned upside down and this is quite possibly the first time I actually felt my stomach churn. Had to stop after a while, couldn't even go on the bump cars or eat some food because I might push my luck and throw up or something, lol, but I tried everything I was interested in and MAN, it was so cool.

  • Mushroom soup + Nan = Love

  • I am being asked to debate again, primarily because a lot of the old people aren't anymore and they "can't afford me to sit it out again", which is amusing because seniority does not make up for the fact that I haven't trained in ages and debate comes with plenty of issues I don't want, thanks very much.

  • I had no idea there were so many songs used in The L Word, how the fuck do I get all of these? :\ I hate Limewire so much, I swear. It's either that or [livejournal.com profile] teh_music, which might or might not come up with something, only I'll need to put up a song for every one requested and I want quite a lot. I have soundtrack lists but the songs I want may or may not be there, I might as well go back through the first season and write down lyrics and google them. :| This is the tentative list of songs I managed to get were from the series, if anyone wants to see how fucked I am trying to get any of them:

    First are lyrics I wrote from S2, and then the song list )

  • On fandom commentary, you know if you do things like faking your death just so the poor emo kids can be given inspiration and pick up the pieces of their lives because the way you dealt with your obviously-fake-so-people-can-figure-it-out sickness, you might as well stay dead and let them keep the inspiration instead of doing a resurrection and destroying everything people believed could be good in humanity. I'm just saying. It's stupid.

  • Everyone should also try sleeping naked every once in a while. Or everyday.
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Hey, I hope you all had a fantastic New Year. :D

I have been trying to clean my room for ages now, with no such luck because really, I hate physical labor of any sort, and so instead I cleaned up my flist. :|

Mostly I took out the comms and feeds that I found I ended up skimming through anyway, and also just inactive/deleted journals. Some active journals I defriended because they're mostly fandom-related in a way that I no longer am. F-cleaning is not an exact science, okay? So if you've basically been updating and I still know who you are and there's still some semblance of acquaintance-ship (?) between us, you should still be here. If you aren't, tell me because I might have accidentally removed you without meaning to, sorry. :\

And now for something fun:

Song Lyrics Meme

a. Put your player on shuffle.
b. Post lyrics from the first 20 random songs.
c. Make your friends guess the song and title.

Songs here )

(as snagged from [livejournal.com profile] ccharlotte who got it from [livejournal.com profile] jetsam_porridge and [livejournal.com profile] siobhanohare)

I am sheep. Watch me bleet. *bleet*
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Uploaded two songs for the flist. :P Obviously everyone's heard of Rent. :P

For the old year, Seasons of Love. Self-Preservation for the new year. )

Avenue Q!

Dec. 23rd, 2005 12:42 am
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So there've been mentions of Avenue Q on my flist and I had NO idea what it was but one bored day on Limewire and I found music. :| Since I uploaded all these for [livejournal.com profile] miss_charmed, I figured I'd upload them for you.

I swear, it doesn't really even matter if you don't get the story, sort of. LOL. I just love musical music. :P

(For the curious, Avenue Q's made up of muppet-type characters. The musical's mostly a parody of Sesame Street, or something. I'm sure some of you would be more familiar with this than I am, lol.

  1. What Do You Do With a BA in English / It Sucks to Be Me
    Track 2/3 of the CD, in which our characters compare the relative misery of their lives with each other.
    I come into this country
    For opportunities
    Try to work in Korean delis
    But I am Japanese!

  2. If You Were Gay
    What I can only imagine to be the equivalent of Bert talks about how it's perfectly fine if his roommate, Ernie-equivalent (Ernie's the yellow kid, right? :| I always mix them up), were gay.
    If you were queer
    I'd still be here
    Year after year
    Because you're dear to me
    And I know that you
    Would accept me too
    If I told you today
    "Hey guess what! I'm gay!"
    (But I'm not gay)

  3. Everyone's a Little Bit Racist
    Actually pretty smart. Everyone IS a little bit racist. Cool song.
    Everyone's a little bit racist sometimes
    Doesn't mean we go around committing hate crimes
    Look around and you'll find
    No one's really color blind
    Maybe it's a fact we all should face
    Everyone makes judgments... based on race

  4. The Internet is for Porn
    Haha, it's just silly. And true. :P
    The internet is really really great
    ..For Porn!
    I've got a fast connection so I don't have to wait
    ..For Porn!

  5. Fantasies Come True
    Oh, I love this. It's so wistful and cute and then maybe also a little sad. Awwww.
    But I never thought
    The things in my head
    Could really happen
    In my bed

  6. My Girlfriend (Who Lives in Canada)
    Denial song if there ever was one, hah.
    So soon I'll be off to Alberta--
    I mean Vancouver!
    Shit her name is Alberta
    she lives in Vancouver

  7. There's a Fine, Fine Line
    I read this line somewhere and I was pleasantly surprised to realise it came from this song.
    There's a fine, fine line
    Between love and a waste of time.

  8. There Is Life Outside Your Apartment
    I thought of myself when I read the title of this song, I kid you not. *headdesk*
    There is cool shit to do
    But it can't come to you
    And who knows, dude, you might even score
    There's a life outside your apartment
    But you've got to open the door

  9. The More You Ruv Someone
    Love and hate defined, lol.
    The more you ruv someone
    The more you want to kirr them
    The more you ruv someone
    The more he make you cly
    That's why you ruv so strong
    You want to make him DIE

  10. Schadenfreude
    Schadenfreude's German for happiness at the misfortune of others, which is what this song is about. It's cool. :P
    Don't you feel all warm and cozy
    Watching people out in the rain?
    That's Schadenfreude
    People taking pleasure in your pain

  11. I Wish I Could Go Back to College
    Oh, college. This one's one of the first I heard, and consequently loved. Honestly, I'm still in college and already I don't think I want to leeeeeeeeaaaaave. Oops.
    I wish I could just drop a class
    Or get into a play
    Or change my major
    Or fuck my TA
    I need an academic advisor to point my way

  12. The Money Song
    One of the vaguer songs, I keep not paying attention when this comes on.
    All I’m asking you
    Is to do what
    Jesus Christ would do.
    He’d give me a quarter,
    Why don’t you?

  13. For Now
    Whatever it is, everything's temporary, and only for now. :D
    Everyone's a little bit unsatisfied.
    Everyone goes 'round a little empty inside.
    Take a breath
    Look around
    Swallow your pride
    For now...
    For now...
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I took out other details because they're INCOMPLETE and NOT SORTED PROPERLY. :|

So. For Christmas. You can ask for three (five? I don't know, how many of you are there? :|) songs and I'll upload them for you. Okay? Okay. Good. Love you. Happy Christmas. ♥♥♥

ETA: Exceeded allocated data transfer wtf. Let me rehost it somewhere else. UM. Anyone have any good ideas?

ETA 2: It's back on, but does anyone know where else it can be hosted?
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jetsam_porridgeCharli: LOVE YOU x A MILLION
slumberEvy:  LOVE YOU EVEN MORE!!
jetsam_porridgeCharli:  LOVE YOU MOST.
jetsam_porridgeCharli:  LOVE YOU TO INFINITY.....AND BEYOND!

I'm afraid to say it, but it does appear like I'm losing. :|


hookedontherushHetty! You must talk to me and catch me up with You-Know-What. :|


ALSO. Cookies to anyone who can send me The Noose by A Perfect Circle. Pretty brilliant lyrics, hee.


Who can tell I've been having fun with Semagic? :|


The Longest Yard was actually pretty hilarious, for a football flick. It has not, however, helped me write a) a reaction paper to a film I saw three weeks ago, b) a recommendation letter for myself due tomorrow, and c) my last will and testament, after I kill myself for failing my exam on Wednesday.


EDIT: jetsam_porridgeCharli is collecting secrets for an art project. GO 'FESS UP AND PIMP IT TO OKAY? OKAY.
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For anyone interested, [livejournal.com profile] teh_music applications are open to the first 200 people who apply. They're up to 130, last I checked.

Of course, I'm probably the only person on my flist last to have heard of this comm. :|
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Oooops, I have comments not replied to. :| Shall do so after church. Blaise is still immaculately shiny and smooth and silver, but MAX (which is what Belgian boy named HIS laptop--after his ex, he's sweet) is now scratched up and stuff. :| Clearly I am anal and protective.


Happy Belated Birthday also to [livejournal.com profile] michelle_3302 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] aphoenix2007! :D

Ooh ooh, I was fixing up my songs, as I've transferred them from Bert to Blaise, although there's still the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack and then a couple of songs by Isha, but the files are mostly settled here already, and I have iTunes finally, one more reason to love WinXP, and I got to thinking:

What song/songs reminds you of me? And why, if possible?

Anon comments are on, in case the song is, I dunno, something awful. :| You can post this on your own LJ and I suppose I'll tell you what songs (because now omg I actually know a couple of songs :|) reming me of you. Deal? Deal. :D

Also also also. Hm. Eh. Never mind. :|


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