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Title: The Seven Grievances of Terry Boot
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Terry/various (slash and het)
Beta Reader(s): [ profile] sinarie
Word Count: 6717
Rating: PG-13
(Highlight to View) Warning(s): None..
Note: This is for all the Ravenclaws I've loved before. Thanks to S for inspiring the version of Justin FF that shows up here, and L for sharing my love for Terry Boot (and helping prod this story into form). JKR had listed Terry down as a Muggleborn in her notes, and while she had a lot of notes that didn't make the "final cut", I think it's interesting to try and make everything she said fit anyway. Written for [ profile] hogwarts_houses, originally posted here. This is also something of a backstory that I started writing in 2009 for Salvation by Slytherin, albeit this is more focused on Terry than the other three boys.
Summary: Before he got on the train his mother had pulled him into a hug and told him she knew he'd always been special, and she was sure he'd do very well in all his classes regardless of the subject, and his father laughed and wondered how many versions of Abra Cadabra Terry would have to memorise. When he wrote a few weeks later to explain there was actually a fair amount of Latin to remember, his father's reply included a hint of going on to be a doctor.

Hogwarts turned out to be real after all, though quite honestly, not nearly as good as it sounded on paper—sorry, parchment. )

PS. Don't forget to request for December Drabbles either on DW or LJ!
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Title: Salvation by Slytherin
Author: [ profile] slumber
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~8,700
Warnings: Nothing, really. Plot, probably, and a disappointing lack of darkness.
Summary: All Terry Boot wants to do is author a book and perhaps rewrite history as wizarding society remembers it, but the Slytherins just won't cooperate. When a civil war erupts and Terry's only chance of escape involves working with a poorly-acronymed rebel group and an army of questionable professionals to take down the largest magical empire in the world, is his potential bestseller really worth all the trouble? (Theodore/Blaise, Draco/Terry, shades of Draco/Theodore.)
Disclaimers: If I owned Harry Potter, it wouldn't be about Harry Potter. Made up facts and figures derived from actual facts and figures found in Wikipedia.
Notes: Though the Slytherins were nowhere in the Battle of Hogwarts in the book, JKR has stated in later interviews that they were, so I've taken that for fact. This was written for [ profile] mr_mercutio during the recently concluded [ profile] hpvalensmut, originally posted here. Much thanks and love to [ profile] ccharlotte for the beta.

Salvation by Slytherin )
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Title: Crashing
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Justin/Terry
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1,229
Summary: Justin had never been very good at remembering.
Additional Notes: For the [ profile] fanfic100 prompt Not enough and dedicated to [ profile] siobhanohare, for whom I began writing this as a Valentine's Day present way back in 2005. :| Slightly edited from the version I originally posted. There's a companion piece but I've given up hope on that for the night. :|

You hardly remember that bit, but he told you about it sometimes, enough so that it almost felt like your memory instead of his... )
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Title: Fiction in the Spaces Between
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Justin, Terry, Michael
Rating: PG
Word Count: 563 words
Summary: Lisa Turpin watches Ravenclaws from the sidelines.
Additional Notes: For the [ profile] fanfic100 prompt Middles. Also for [ profile] siobhanohare, because I couldn't finish the other fic just yet without getting distracted by this one. This was only supposed to be 100 words. :| Inspired in part by Telling Stories by Tracy Chapman. A little scattered, a little weird, I hope you forgive me. :|

She spends the hours making up stories. )
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Title: Chapter Twenty-Two Outtake
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Michael/Terry
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 100 words
Additional Notes: Um. Contains something SPOILERY, so if you've not read til chapter 22 of HBP yet, not that it's really related to that, then yeah, you'd best avoid this then. Um. Just got the idea, which is really just. Silliness. I've not even finished reading it yet, ha. ha.
Edit: For [ profile] fanfic100, for the prompt Insides, for obvious reasons. :|


“One.” Michael closes his eyes.


“Two.” His mind is blank, and he feels it sweep over him.


“THREE!” Suddenly the air is pressing from all around, forceful, and he can actually feel movement, and there’s that strange sensation, and, yes, a soft, telling pop.

He’d done it.


Michael curses, eyes still shut, mentally examining his body, which certainly feels complete, only.

He opens his eyes to Terry’s flustered cheeks and startled eyes, and Twycross breaks the horrible silence that follows.

“Mr Corner, please remove yourself from Mr Boot’s pants as soon as you can, thank you.”
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Title: Undercurrents
Pairing: Blaise/Terry
Rating: PG13
Word Count: 1700 words
Warnings: Language, Possible Parenthesis Abuse
Summary: Terry's fifth year is terrible--he isn't prefect, there's some stupid defense club going around, and all Hogwarts Houses are a disgrace, among other things.
Additional Notes: Originally titled TerryFic, but later scrapped because Terry would spork me for being a dork. :| It's subtle slash and it alludes more than anything. Subject to editing. Concrit is welcome, thanks.
Edit: For [ profile] fanfic100, for the prompt And.

God, sometimes Ravenclaws were such UTTER snobs. )
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Title: Black
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Terry/Justin
Length: 100 words
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None
Summary: Terry waits.
Additional Notes: For [ profile] eljuno, who prompted me with "nighttime". Inspired also by [ profile] siobhanohare's Terry/Justin fic, which I am too lazy to link to, unfortunately. Sad day. Happy Christmas to the one other person in the world who RPs Terry and ships him with Justin! ;)
Edit: For [ profile] fanfic100, for the prompt Black, clearly. :|

The light by your bed burns brightly, and in the silence of the room you flip the page of a book, but the black ink bleeds into the paper and the lines blur into meaningless jumble.

You stop to rub your temples and you fetch another cup of tea.

You sip, and the aroma nudges your senses awake, so you resume waiting for him to come home, with alcohol in his breath and the marks of other men on his skin. You open the book.

Nothing still makes sense.

It is late, and you are as blind as the night.
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Title: A Matter Of
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Terry/Terence
Length: 100 words
Rating: R
Summary: It's a matter of convenience, a matter of forgetting, a matter of clinging to who we can.
Additional Notes: For [ profile] jewelofsaturn, with whom I've got the most loving IM conversations. *pets YM smilies* Has slight allusions to teh angst in our character's lives in [ profile] shadows_edge (which you ought to join and/or check out, btw). Love you Raphie! <3
Edit: For [ profile] fanfic100, for the prompt Death.

He pushes you to the wall, your hands pinned above your head, his body pressed against yours. He unbuttons your shirt as he crushes lips against yours and your eyes shut tight as you grind against his hips.

He kisses your neck, and you feel tears against your skin.

You whisper soothing words into his ear as if they could make you forget.

He clings to you, and you know he fears letting you go.

You gasp when he thrusts into you and hope the pain's enough.

He comes with a sob, and you hold him till he stops shaking.
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Title: Like Every Flavour Beans, Only Better
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Blaise/Draco, Blaise/various
Rating: none
Word Count: 1900
Summary: Blaise is a whore, and Draco would like to know what's going on.
Additional Notes: Written for [ profile] qo_ficexchange back in 2004. Have just gotten around to posting it now, but I'm backdating because I don't actually want to show people the way to fic I wrote four years ago. :|

The first time Draco walked in on Blaise with someone was during fourth year, after the Yule Ball. )
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Title: On A Day Like Today
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Justin/Terry
Length: 525 words
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: I saw you were sick / And tired of my wrong turns
Additional Notes: Posted for [ profile] siobhanohare, who wrote this for me. F-locked, unfortunately. S, eep. There is much guilt now, especially after having read THAT. Also, I <3 Terry/Justin.
Edit: For [ profile] fanfic100, for the prompt Days.

Justin had read his palm once, back in seventh year... )
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Wow. Erm, never thought I'd put in fanart in this. LOL. I don't usually draw, and when I do (which really happens only one in a blue moon) it's usually anime-style and then it's also chibified. And also, I cannot color on PSP, or any computer program, for that matter. So this is done the old-fashioned way--drawn, inked, colored and scanned.

Hope you like. :P

Ron/Harry: Done for green_fairy_ )

Justin/Terry: Done for siobhanohare )

There's a third one, but that's not really HP-based. :P
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Title: In His Eyes
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Terry Boot/Michael Corner
Length: 500 words
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Nobody ever sees themselves, unless it's from another's eyes.
Background: Written with the background story of [ profile] out_of_the_fire. In the last few days of sixth year, Hogsmeade is attacked. Fic takes place at the beginning of seventh year. Written for [ profile] jaig on the occasion of his birthday.
Edit: For [ profile] fanfic100, for the prompt Broken.

Sometimes Terry still had nightmares. )


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