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Living on the edge

Things I tried last night:
- homemade absinthe
- a Cuban cigar
- standing on the questionably stable wooden floor of our balcony for longer than a minute

Possibly the last part was what made me the most nervous.

Remember when our watch parties just had themed cupcakes?

On the actual Opening Ceremony

It needed more TARDIS.

Remember when Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics?

Neither do I but I needed to connect this last bit somehow.

Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters

I want this poster in my life. Unfortunately they're not selling it yet.

I also want the Loop one, since I work in the Loop and tend to be in the area a lot. If you do want to get an idea about what the neighborhoods are like in this city, check out the Tumblr because holy ACCURATE, Batman.
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A little over a year of living at my apartment and I've only just now figured out exactly how close I live to the gorgeous lakefront (and park, and Shedd Aquarium, and Adler Planetarium, and Field Museum). People, it is walking distance! And in the summer it is absolutely gorgeous. Sobbing, how did I completely miss this??

Sometime this week I will probably take a walk (or a jog! LOL) around and take pictures, weather-permitting, or something. I need to picspam this because next summer, if things fall into place (or David Bolland onto my lap, who knows), I might end up closer to the United Center.

And then next weekend, before San Fran, we're doing a staycation-type thing-- bought a City Pass already-- and act like tourists in Chicago. (Have you seen the glass ledge on the Sears Tower? Fuck, I am all over that like white on rice!)

Summer in Chicago, I have missed you!
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And here's the final part of my Chicago Blackhawks pimping-- ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Mr Duncan Keith.


Actually, I want to introduce his father, King of Cliches. :|

Photo from [ profile] backcheck

>> But awwww, look at him! Wee little Keith!

Photo from [ profile] backcheck

>> And trust me.

Photo from [ profile] backcheck

>> He.

Photo from [ profile] backcheck

>> Gets.


I wish I could say this is the end of it, but I really do love the Blackhawks, and I don't think I'll be able to stop talking about them anytime soon. Plus, they are just inherently LOLtastic. :| Idk. But now you know you they are, hopefully! And why I love them. :P

And. You know.

Maybe now it also explains why this is completely understandable, y/n? Y, plz? )

And that's it. G'night, m'dears! ♥
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I could not decide who my next post should be about, but I finally conceded this: it does not feel right to NOT post about Patrick Sharp and Adam Burish right after each other. (I was gonna put them in one post together, but yeah, Patrick kind of kneed his way into a post all his own, bad pun intended-- speaking of which, he's only possibly out for about 3-4 weeks! \o/ Hopefully, at least. :|)

This post is all about the lulz, folks. It really is.

I am going to put the rest under the cut, but. Uh. Guys? Adam Burish and Patrick Sharp? Are roommates. And no, I am NOT making that sound better than it is. Because this video. This video. I CANNOT EVEN MAKE THIS UP.

There is more gold behind this cut, because Adam Burish is seriously loltastic. )
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Guys, the Blackhawks won against the Dallas Stars 6-2 last night, but right now I'm nursing a broken heart. Do you remember how you felt when Sirius Black went through the veil? The shock, the silence, the HOLY FUCK DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? It's sort of like that, only nobody died (obviously), but it was still-- oh my god, I can't even deal right now. *flails*

If you've been ignoring the last few posts because hockey just isn't your thing, or sports isn't, or for any other reason, I understand completely, but know that if I ever wanted you to read any of these pimping posts, this is the one that I would want you to read.

Because Patrick Sharp deserves a goddamn fucking post all his own, after last night. )

And. Yeah. Last night, not even a minute in (39 seconds after the first period started, actually), Patrick Sharp got checked by Steve Ott, and Sharpie crumpled up after and like. COULD NOT STAND BY HIMSELF ANYMORE. He lay down for the longest, most heart-breaking 30 seconds of my life, until Toews and a trainer helped him out of the ice.

He didn't return anytime after that, and he's up for an MRI this Tuesday to check on his knee (it's a knee injury, that much is pretty clear now), and he's out for the next 3 games for sure, but it could be longer than that. (Let me cut this now because this part is getting long again. :|) )
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I know early on that I gave you guys a brief description about the team, but as a) today is Valentine's Day (what? no way! are you serious? because I'm sure none of you were reminded by the endless commercials and red-and-pink displays everywhere) and I can't dedicate this post to a single guy on the team (I can't; I love them all madly. Well, not all, but a lot of them.), and b) I have a short window of time within which to do this post, this part of the series will be short and sweet, as Valentine's Day should be.

Photo from [ profile] backcheck

Come meet the rest of the gang, the unsung heroes and the lesser-known 'Hawks who deserve no less love just because they're in the shadows of much more awesome people. )

AND NOW I'm off, because I need to pick up Line so we can watch my beloved Blackhawks against the Dallas Stars. ♥
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It has come to my attention that these posts have inspired feeble attempts at countering the awesomeness of the Blackhawks. (With shoddy photos and barely any explanation, no less.) LOL.

Flist, if you've any other loves you'd care to share with the rest of us that you may not normally discuss on LJ, well. It is the weekend of love; why don't you pimp your other obsessions to the rest of us?

Bringing out the big guns now-- haaaaaave you met Wiz? )
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Hello again, and welcome to part 2 of my 7-part pimping of the Chicago Blackhawks. (Hey, it's almost Valentine's Day and they deserve some love!)

This post will be a little bit shorter than yesterday's, SO GO AHEAD AND CLICK. :D:D:D

Today I will introduce you to the new stars of the team! )
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Flist, I tried. I swear I did. But as with [ profile] illuminations' DBSK love, and [ profile] bribitribbit's HSM love, and [ profile] miss_charmed's David Archuleta love, I cannot hide my love for the Chicago Blackhawks any longer.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, a thousand times please forgive me, but I can no longer not say anything on this journal (because it's meant to be mostly for fannish HP content, but I cannot deny this love, oh no, I can't.) so please, indulge me-- humor me?-- and let me pimp the boys out for the next seven days (YES, SEVEN DAYS. you have been warned. any less would be a CRIME.)

If you click at this link here you'll begin to understand where the madness began. )
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  • has been really iffy with me in the last few days. I know some of you guys have talked about backing your LJs up-- what programs do you use and how do I go about doing that?

  • Speaking of LJ, my paid account expires soon, like December 1 soon. I want to change my layout into something like, black, white, red and floral (like my room), before the account changes back into more limited settings, but I am out of ideas. Grr. Help?

  • Want to know a bit of awesome? You can bake peanut butter cookies with only 3 ingredients. That's right: 1 egg, 1c sugar, and 1c peanut butter is all a girl needs to be happy in this world. (Just mix them all together, put dollops on a cookie sheet, bake on 350-375F for ~10min, and voila!)

  • Live near Chicago/somewhere in the Midwest? Have no plans for the second weekend of December? Come watch Were the World Mine with fellow slashers! Sign up post and details are over here.

  • Thanksgiving dragging you students down? Here's a fairly helpful article on The College Students' Guide to a Happy Thanksgiving. Am going to see if it works. :|
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I am not an American citizen. I am not able to vote for your presidents, or donate to your candidates' campaigns, but I am glad that at least somehow, I am able to witness a turning point in your history, because somehow, I hope, this is a turning point in all of our history.

Grant Park was amazing, and insane, and kind of murderous-- I went with a friend and we arrived at 6pm, working our way through masses of people (Did you see my hand waving on CNN, flist?) until we finally saw the metal detectors that meant we were nearly there, and when we broke into open space we found-- yes, even more people.

We watched CNN while we waited for Barack Obama to appear, and I am sure the rest of the world was tuned in as well, but the vibe in Grant Park was electric. Every time a state was called in favour of Obama everyone cheered and broke into spontaneous chanting.

They called Pennsylvania first, far too early in the race, enough to cause drama, so I've heard. McCain was winning in Texas, but surprisingly, not by much. CNN was turning Star Wars on us, and we waited with bated breath. Wolf Blitzer was excited about calling one state, but we knew it was Ohio. Then NPR called Virginia, just a few minutes before precincts were scheduled to close in the West Coast.

At 10:00:01, CNN called the election, and Grant Park went wild. They quieted to hear McCain speak, booed when he mentioned Palin, but when Obama came onstage and addressed everyone-- well, that was the high point of the night. And man, that speech will be written about, studied, remembered, in the years to come.

So yes, America, you can. Yes, in fact, you did.

And yes, I was there.
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  1. Nearly forget to print the all-important ticket needed.
  2. Leave work early to give self time to be at the event.
  3. Arrive home to discard bag and stuff.
  4. Wear rubber shoes.
  5. Set LJ up so you can text updates. :|

So, uh. I might get slightly annoying. I promise to only update if something REALLY awesome happens, like if there's a stampede or something. So you know you were in my thoughts. ♥ :| But yes. Whatever. I am off to witness American history in the making! ('Cause, you know, it's also the world at stake here! Maybe. :|)
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Three guesses who's going to the Election Night rally tomorrow (which, can I say again, is right across my friggin' apartment), and the first two don't count.

AND! PS. Have you voted? Are you a size medium female? I'm giving out this shirt to someone like you! I'll decide on the winners (randomly) when I get the shirt. :| :D

PPS. Stores giving out freebies on Election Day:
  • Starbucks - free tall drip coffee
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Ben and Jerry's
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Tonight I went to a reading of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman in Downers Grove, which is about forty minutes away by train. I wish I'd taken better pictures, but my camera is quite crappy without zoom (even though I was sat at, like. The second row.) and as I was holding a venti decaf to warm me up, I wasn't able to take a photo of the theater where the reading took place.

But it was amazing. Neil Gaiman isn't quite the rock star he is in these parts (his visit to Manila was still pretty awesome by any standard-- everyone was pumped and excited and man, there were so many people) but perhaps the fact that we were in a large formal theater may have reined people in a bit.

He really is an amazing person to see and hear in person. The chapter he read us was fantastic (also, you must hear him read, I know the videos of his readings are out there somewhere), and I am thoroughly enjoying The Graveyard Book (2/3 of the way done, lol) and highly recommend it to all. (I wish I could point out specific things, but I am tired and about ready to sleep.)

Now I know my last few posts have been frantic panic about school and projects and not having enough time for everything, and I still don't have enough time for things, but. I would not have missed this for anything. It kind of puts things into a bit of perspective-- these are the things I'll remember always, that I'll always relish having experienced, and screw papers and presentations-- I'm never going to tell those stories to my grandchildren. :|

PS: I don't actually mean the text in the icon. :| It was the only decent icon of him around, minus the wording, lol.
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Things, things, things, in no specific order:

  • Washington is a pretty city, but I'm not trading Chicago for it. Washington is all neat and proper and appropriate, while Chicago's got this edge to it that HELLO, IS IN BATMAN. :|

  • While American history, as it turns out, doesn't do much for me, I believe I'm acquiring an interest in all things World-War-II-related. :| Like. Everything. The period itself is-- I kinda see what Captain Jack Harkness loves about it so much, and just. Yes. :|

  • This vacation has been grrrrreat. Like, I'm under no stress to omg-see-everything-NOW and as it is also largely unplanned, it has become somewhat a natural occurrence for me to simply stumble into pleasant surprises. My first day it was the Portrait Gallery, yesterday it was the Holocaust Memorial, today it was Jim Henson's gallery at the Smithsonian Castle. I've allowed myself time to sit under the shade of a tree when I so desire to catch up with a book or fill out a crossword, though I've not had the chance to write.

  • Neil Gaiman is going to be in a Chicago suburb this October. I want to seeeeeee. I hope I can. Fingers crossed!

  • I have decided that I am going to try to go to Leaky Con in Boston, because I loved Terminus so much and anyway, I've always wanted to see Boston. Who's with me? :D (I even have ideas for programming, lol)
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SO. I am back at my apartment (to talk to [ profile] ccharlotte, who is too lame to come to Terminus with me even though she's practically in my backyard-- oh, who am I kidding, Terminus is in my backyard) and thus commences Terminus Day 2 recaps. Or updates, or whatever. Um. (ETA: I started writing this last night, but apparently I was exhausted, because I fell asleep in my apartment. Um. Yeah. :|)

I kind of really really want a comm where people can put up discussion points from their Terminus panels and some such, but like. I think Tai and I were the only ones dorky enough to have been writing notes, like, everywhere. :|

  • Finding out that the one character in the book given the most due process (ie, a trial, an appeal, witnesses and evidence) is actually, um. Buckbeak.

  • Buying a Slytherin sweater! No, really, I have been looking at Hogwarts schoolgirls all this time and being all "I WANT". Except I don't know. We'll see if I can wheedle Bri into being a Slyth again so I'll have someone with me. Yes.

  • Impromptu Wrock thing by The Remus Lupins (Alex Carpenter), who led a horde of fangirls all the way to the park. He is so awesome with his fans. I think I may be a little bit smitten.

Also, um. The Hilton has the most depressing elevators in the world. They have little TV screens tuned in to CNN so in between panels and roundtables and presentations we'd go in and the elevators would tell us that Edwards admitted to having an affair and that Georgia was invaded and the Obama and McCain coverage would be awesome.

But CNN did not tell me that Bernie Mac has died. I found out when I got back home. :(

PS: I have officially overheard something. :P
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I browsed my flist and there were no Terminus updates, which makes me sad, but um. That's because the Hilton charges quite a lot for internet, which is the last thing you probably want to do in a conference for people who all got into the conference because of the internet.

I'm just saying.

So, like, I went to Wrock Chicago last Wednesday and listened to the headliners for the first time ever (except I've heard Draco and Harry before) with [ profile] cmere ([ profile] miss_charmed we have photos!), [ profile] illuminations, [ profile] jazzyjello, [ profile] reallycorking, and I think [ profile] longleggedit. Did not get to meet [ profile] acidpop25 because of massive number-exchanging fail *facepalm* but Saturday will be better!

Wrock Highlights:
  • Everyone jumping so much the floor was shaking, til we were told to stop because there's a conference downstairs and the people there are concerned.
  • People actually following the rules, which, as [ profile] reallycorking pointed out, says a lot about HP fans.
  • The Remus Lupins saying "To hell with that, this is a rock concert, I want to see you guys ROCK!"
  • [ profile] cmere shouting "That is NOT Remus Lupin!" in response (because come on, Remus would follow the rules) JUST as the crowd quieted down, so that a couple of people (and maybe Remus Lupin) heard. ♥

Yesterday I met up with [ profile] perculious and [ profile] moonlitmercury, who I'm rooming with as well as Emily, Tai's cousin, aaaaaaaand we ran into [ profile] slash_a_holic while checking in.

Registration Highlight:
  • [ profile] perculious singing and dancing "My Dad is Rich" for a 17-cassette audiobook of Order of the Phoenix.
  • Finding out that I'm dueling.

    Yeah, no idea what that means either. I'm like. "What, really?" Apparently dueling means going up to your "mark" (kinda hard to do in a con of 1500) and saying their name in a conversational voice ("Hello, Rainsparkles25!") before waving your wand (Does my pen count for a wand?) and saying "Tumultosa!" (I'm sure I got that spell wrong; shit. :|)
  • Having possibly the only two Terry Boot fangirls in the world in the same room. [ profile] perculious and I are totally going to drive our roommates up the wall.

    Quoth Emily: "Who's Terry Boot?"

    Quoth [ profile] moonlitmercury: We should totally have a Wizard Rock band. We can call it Terry's Boots. ♥♥♥

    Quoth [ profile] moonlitmercury: You guys are terrible.
    [ profile] perculious: Did you say we were terrible?
    [ profile] slumber: Did you spell that with a y?

    But it is amazing. The password to our hotel-room-slash-dorm is like. Terry Boot is awesome.
  • Finding really good programming.
  • Finding Theodore Nott's rumored to have been cast in the movies already (LINE YOU TOTES HAVE TO SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HIM HE IS ALL KINDS OF PRETTY AWESOME. NGH. I'm gonna get the pic emailed to me so I can email it to you. :|)

The great big dinner was very Hogwarts-esque, which is cool except I felt like a first year, haha. Also, my roommates are all in the same house and I'm like. Not. Tragic.

Terminus staff keep telling us not to scare the Muggles away. I wonder why. :|
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So Line ([ profile] ccharlotte) and I watched The Dark Knight yesterday, finally, and I loved every moment of it. (I love this city!) I won't wax poetic over it, but I have to admit that like [ profile] ronniekins77 I DID avoid reading what the flist thought of it, so this could very well be redundant or repetitive or whatever.

I just have one spoilerific question )
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So. Terminus in less than two weeks' time. I'm rooming with [ profile] moonlitmercury and [ profile] perculious, and I know of a few of you guys who are also going, but-- who is going? Is anybody interested in running into each other at the con? I've got to work on Friday (I'll try to get a halfday though, but I'm not sure about that yet) but yes. Whooooooooooooo is up for like. Meeting up and stuff? And where are you guys going? Like, keynotes and events and stuff-- I know NOTHING about programming and stuff, haha, I was just gonna mosey on along if I could help it. Wrock Chicago attendees? And so on and so forth. Tell me all! :D


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