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So watching the HP movies start to finish beginning with the Christopher Columbus (was that actually his name?) ones yesterday (Side Note: I am so annoyed all over again at the way SS/PS ended--the Slytherins had won the House Cup and were CELEBRATING, the banners ALL OVER THE GREAT HALL, and then their ex-Gryffindor Headmaster starts awarding an INSANE AMOUNT OF POINTS TO GRYFFINDORS TO MAKE THEM WIN. Sorry, that is NO WAY to teach an entire school of impressionable young minds ANYTHING, except that yes, no one likes you if you're in Slytherin and no matter what you do the entire year to earn points, you don't get rewarded if three students decide to go on a rule-breaking lark and defeat evil one of seven times--who decided defeating evil was worth those points anyway? When Harry and Ron did the troll in they got what, five points apiece? That's ridiculous, that is.), and I just started wondering:

How does Platform 9 3/4 work?

We know you basically have to run into a wall and you emerge on the other side on a completely different platform, but the one thing that's always been a hallmark of JKR's world was how so many of the things that Harry experienced at the beginning of the story were later explained in greater detail, to show that they were part of the bigger picture and not just a one-time thing.

The Leaky Cauldron was hidden in the same way Grimmauld Place sort of was (I think)--normal people saw both buildings on either side of it, but those who knew what to look for could see it too. The Floo is obviously one of the more common means of transportation, and the Portkeys were useful as plot device as well. Even Dumbledore's Deluminator made its appearance as early as the first chapter, and the Vanishing Cabinets were another form of magical transportation that we saw on two separate occasions.

Is Platform 9 3/4 a version of the Vanishing Cabinets or is it its own kind of magic? It doesn't seem to be like the Cabinets in that it doesn't exactly pop up in another place altogether--when Harry and Ron took the Ford Anglia to go to Hogwarts, somehow they managed to pick up from King's Cross and onto the Hogwarts Express tracks and caught it in no time. So... how does this magic work? Does it lead to a different location in the same area, like underground, maybe, where wizards can go?

More importantly, is this magic only applicable to Platform 9 3/4? Where else did we see this in HP? What other ways could wizards use it? Getting into the Ministry of Magic involved a variety of clever ways that wizards could cross over from the Muggle world into the magical, but do any of those include whatever was used for Platform 9 3/4?

Also, is that the only way anyone could access the Hogwarts Express? Gotta admit, it's easy enough to believe that Muggles could very easily ignore it when a boy runs straight into the wall and seemingly disappears, but. Can you imagine September 1? How many students at Hogwarts must be at King's Cross that day doing the same thing within a concentrated period of time and not be noticed?

I don't know. What do you think?
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A note to movie-makers who have barely any ounce of original thinking left and feel a need to go back to classics to rework and remake what previously successful franchise they could find and buy the rights to (so, everyone):

THIS is how you rape canon so hard and so good she'll end up spreading her legs most willingly for you and beg for more, more, oh god yes more please!
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BOYD HOLBROOK WAS IN MILK. BOYD, my OTD (One True Draco-- well, barring Tom, really).

He never spoke a word, of course, but there was one scene where he gave Harvey Milk a ride on his motorcycle, and fine, so he was sporting a 70s mustache, but. But. Booooooooooooooyd. Nom nom nom.

That being said: Hahaha, Lucas. You know you want to come out, liek, now.

Oh, and Milk was cool. It is eerily similar to current events.
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So Line ([ profile] ccharlotte) and I watched The Dark Knight yesterday, finally, and I loved every moment of it. (I love this city!) I won't wax poetic over it, but I have to admit that like [ profile] ronniekins77 I DID avoid reading what the flist thought of it, so this could very well be redundant or repetitive or whatever.

I just have one spoilerific question )
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Who'd have thought internet-related work would actually reduce my personal time on the internet? I haven't touched this thing for nearly a month, eurgh. (I have been reading posts, so I am all caught up and stuff.)

Anyhoo, by now I'm sure at least half of you are aware of Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. If you aren't, here's a bit of background.

Now, reaction to the series started out strongly positive (minus a few cries of "O-ver-RA-ted!", which we all expected anyway) but it has dwindled into discontent once the third installment came out. Understandably. The story veered into a totally different, yet apparently Whedonesque direction.

I still love it, though. And it isn't just Neil Patrick Harris, it's also-- gosh, so many things.

And because it contains potential spoilers, here under the cut are the 3 reasons why I actually liked the way it ended. )
The way I see it, this isn't the end of Dr Horrible. Whedon came into it looking to circumvent the issues that plagued the WGA Writer's Strike, and you know what, I think he found a way to do it. I wouldn't be surprised (and right now I wouldn't begrudge him) if he milked this for all it was worth.

Here's what I think is coming out of Dr Horrible:
  • DVD with a lot of extras, including a commentary in song
  • an official soundtrack
  • a comic book about Captain Hammer

Here's what I'd love to see:
  • a full-length Broadway production (he sounded like he was joking, but...)
  • more webisodes
  • a movie
  • a TV series (my vote's with this one, but I think Whedon should keep it an iTunes exclusive. How friggin' awesome would that be?)

And with all that they left hanging, with everything they hardly expounded on (see the list of villains credited at the Evil League of Evil), how could they not expand this?

PS. I haven't seen The Dark Knight yet, won't see it til [ profile] ccharlotte comes up here this weekend, so I'm avoiding those LJ entries. Can't wait though!
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Pseudo-movie marathon today:

Okay. First of all, I came into Prince Caspian thinking, for some weird reason, that it was The Horse and His Boy, so understandably I was a little upset when Caspian did not bicker with a girl and married her just so he could continue bickering with her.

Other than that, it was fine-- a few 'eh' moments, but whatevs. I wouldn't have posted about it at all, though, if not for sheer love of Edmund. Edmund! Goodness, what's happened to him? He annoyed me to no end in the first movie and now he's all. Dark and brooding and funny and the abso-fucking-lute best one of the lot! I ♥ him so. I ♥ him so so much.

"I know. You had it sorted."


Forgetting Sarah Marshall, meanwhile, was not what I expected it to be. It's a bit all over the place but I guess that's because it's not meant to tell a smooth story. That, or something was wrong with our projector at the cinema. :| But it's cute and kind of scandalous sometimes, but it's almost realistic. Almost.

What're the better movies you've seen recently? Line and I might end up watching What Happens in Vegas soon-- anybody seen that yet?
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I cannot decide if Colbert running for the President of the United States is:

a. no longer funny because Man of the Year was already made.
b. even more hilarious because someone actually took it this step further.
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What I loved about the Pirates sequel was how they weren't afraid to change the characters a little, give them a bit more mess to work out. At World's End is messy, plot-wise, and that's totally fine for me. It's better than how single-mindedly emo Peter Parker is, or how single-mindedly afraid of a little propriety Shrek is. Sequels should move past the first movie's issues, and I hated, for instance, how Shrek insisted on staying in his swamp no matter what, but whatever. :|

So yes, props to them for that. And the effects. The effects were rather fantastic, although it amuses me how I wrinkled my nose and thought to myself, "Self, they're stretching it now. I wish they'd stuck to the semi-believable."

Only I remembered that the second movie had tentacled sea creatures who could not die, and the first had a cursed crew, and apparently I found those semi-believable. :|

Anyway. For those who have yet to see Pirates, though?


Just so you don't miss the epilogue. :|
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For those who were disappointed, dismayed, let down and annoyed by the newest Spiderman installment...

Let Snow Patrol make up for it.
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Saw Spiderman 3 today. Was no longer as excited to see it, but oh my goodness, they made me wait in line for NEARLY AN HOUR just to get tickets, so I had to psyche myself up for it.

It was surprisingly good. Much better than the sequel.

It's probably because by this time, everyone--well, the producers, actors, me--know well enough not to take the freakin' franchise seriously, and laughs would be had all around.

That, and they finally killed Mary Jane.

Well, no. I'm kidding. :D (Seriously, did you think I'd put up spoilers?)

But seriously. You guys should watch it. It's a slash fangirl's wet dream. And you cannot miss the following:

  • Harry Osborn's grin (ngh)
  • Peter Parker as a My Chemical Romance band member (I kid you not, he gets the emo hairstyle down pat)
  • Peter Parker shakin' his booty (Hey Line, you like hips, don't you?)
  • Harry Osborn doing the twist (Even more dorky hip action!)
  • Alfred (Crossed over from Batman, I swear)
  • Green Goblin the Daddy Pimp (all he needs is a pimp cane!)
  • Spidey, lying on his back, panting and worn out, and looking at Harry, saying: "You came." (Really, I shouldn't be made to watch these things.)

I can't wait for Pirates next. Captain Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.


May. 1st, 2007 04:26 am
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Line: What the fuck is up with my jaw.
Line: Must be all those blowjobs.
Evy: it still hurt--:|
Line: :| :D
Line: It's not my teeth, it's bone.
Evy: so tempted to post that on lj
Line: Like, if I bite down, it's pressure under my ear and pain under my ear, in that part of the bone.
Line: Why tempted? :|
Evy: you're right, i should just :|

I don't know whether I should be appalled or amused. :|

Oh hey, and it's the first of May.

I see Spiderman 3 later. I should be more excited. Yay emo!Tobey!
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I am graduating in less than a week's time, and I have learned, in the last two or three weeks since school officially ended, that there is much pretty in the world: :|

Right. When will David Tennant stop being adorable? :|

Really, Jack, you can't pretend that's just CPR you're doing.

Wah, my newest favourite woobie.

Praise the the Scottish, the Welsh, and Russell T Davies.


  • Ended up watching Sunshine today (because when you've got a gym-crazy mother a supposedly short trip to the mall for contacts turns into a three-hour wait that must be filled with doing something while she finishes her workout). I'm surprised they didn't topbill Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, Chris Evans and Rose Byrne. Decent enough film, can't understand why my friend raves about it so, but oh well. Also, I can't be sure if the creepy flashes of red-faced people grinning at the screen were intentional or not. :|

  • Trailers, trailers. Spiderman's so emo, but I love him so. That's about the only trailer worth watching, though, the rest were cheesy action flicks. Understandable, considering the main feature. :|

  • Weirdly enough, the malls are showing Gray Matters in cinemas this week. We've never had any LGBT films in mainstream cinemas before, this should be interesting. :| Of course, I'm assuming.. Gray Matters is LGBT, isn't it? Okay, wait, it's not showing in the US until June 19, but it's showing here on April 18? What? :|

ETA: Okay, wtf, America? You're not seeing Sunshine until September 2007? What's going on? :|
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I am unofficially over my undergraduate education. Also, sort of back online. (Why yes, I took a few days' break. )

We saw this trailer a week or two ago and because the cinemas were no longer showing Dreamgirls, we decided to watch this instead. (Hey, we're done for the semester and we had to celebrate SOMEHOW.)

Biggest. Mistake. EVER.

The plot? Was SLOW and MESSY. (Took them maybe ten, fifteen minutes JUST to establish that they were going to look for Prince Charming, and THAT DIDN'T EVEN CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING TO THE PLOT.)

The dialogue? Was AWKWARD and CLICHED. (They tried to be CLEVER but everything fell FLAT on their faces.)

The characters? Were UNLOVABLE. (The so-called hero and heroine whined too much and were shallow and two-dimensional. If this is the chemistry Freddie Prinze Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar have in their marriage, then they're not shagging enough. Or something.)

The actors? Were STILTED and UNNATURAL. (According to my friend, they all sounded like they were word vomitting. I couldn't agree more.)

But this part takes the cake:

Halfway through the movie, during the moment of, I don't know, plot twist or some sorta climactic moment, Freddie Prinze Jr, who is narrating, says:

"Oh, it gets worse afterward."

In the dark of the cinema I SWEAR we made the D:< face.

Oh my GOD and he wasn't kidding. It DOES get worse.


PS: Flist, ILU madly, but. Learn to read, omg!

I shall shower you all with love next time, I promise.
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This song is awesome, and if you don't believe me, you can click and hear it in real time instead of downloading.

imeem's nifty, why have we not discovered this before?

EDIT: Line says it's bad, but to put it into context, it's a parody of bubblegum Britney pop, which THEREFORE makes it CLEVER trash, and not my way of, as she put it, "circumventing the system and being able to enjoy Britney". PFFT.


And HERE is a parody of 80s pop. You must also listen to it.


Actually, forget the Pop! song, JUST WATCH ITS VIDEO. Bad 80s Pop as parodied! Hugh Grant shaking his ass! A FAKE HOSPITAL SCENE! FAKE BACKGROUNDS, etc etc. Hilarity all around! :D
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MADtv's House/Grey's Anatomy crossover parody

For fans of both. :D


In other news, my life other than that which is related to school is on hold. Except I watched Music and Lyrics the other day, and who wants the soundtrack to that?
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  • I've bought speakers (for the low low price of $5!) so now I can actually listen to music through my iPod without screwing up my laptop's virtual memory. \o/

  • Unfortunately, for some reason, my laptop can't detect my external hard drive. :\

  • Cameron and Chase are engaged zomg. Well, not Cameron and Chase so much more as the actors who play them. :| I didn't even know they were dating!

  • What's your favourite movie ever that nobody's heard of? For the last few weeks I've been watching random movies on and off and I stumbled upon Fried Green Tomatoes and loved it. Also checked out this Korean film called Sad Movie and realised I like crying at movies. :| And and and I've never actually heard of Reefer Madness the Movie Musical until now, and wuh. I love musicals. :|

  • A Starbucks barista came over to our table yesterday and asked us if we wanted to do a coffee taste testing. Curious, my friend and I agreed, and he gave us the boldest, most intense coffee blend I've ever tasted. I'm not a coffee drinker, but man that was good coffee, and also, I love learning about things like How to Taste Coffee. You think you know, but you have NO idea, haha.

  • December's over. When are Grey's, House, and Heroes coming back? :(

  • My icon is ironic.
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There's a progression to this update: From [ profile] spectacular's link to the Anon Meme going round, I stumbled upon [ profile] indilime's journal on which she had a Spiderman 3 entry with the new poster.

WHICH I have uploaded and posted here for your convenience. Spoilerish, I suppose. Plus other spoilers you can choose not to read. )

Whew. It's filming right now, and scheduled for release sometime in 2007. WOE. :(


And by the way, the request I had in [ profile] teh_music was sadly left unanswered. Is there anyone on my flist who happens to have Bilingual and Bilingual (Dirty Mix) by Jose Nunez and is willing to YSI it my way? :|

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Wuh. Why is my [ profile] teh_music post not posted yet? I know I put it up before the last batch of posts, woe. :\ It's up, hurrah!

They cancelled classes today, and of course I'm pleased, because it means a few extra days to read up on the Insurance Code and do exercises in Finance (which I keep typing as Finacne, wtf :|) -- and [ profile] jaig! You don't have to submit your research paper just yet, do you? :D -- but I'll be damned if I can ever be productive sitting at home. :\

Am going to this cafe place that my friend found, though, which is near our house and is relatively cheap for spending a dozen hours studying. Hopefully I can, with a burst of channeled energy, finish everything I need done for Marketing next week. Or something. Hurrah.


Watched Aeon Flux yesterday with my brother instead of Memoirs of a Geisha because we came too late and didn't want to see Memoirs halfway through, even though plenty have told us that Aeon Flux was a disappointment.

It was.


Plenty of my friends, because of Valentine's Day, I'm certain, have been all with the wallow lately. (Much love to all, by the way, and yes, this IS a late post on Valentine's. Ish. Don't you know, lateness is my trademark. Wouldn't be me if I wasn't late, and everything.) So, hm. If anyone's in the mood, here's a couple of different media. :|

Wallowing Resource Material:

  • For Wallowing - the playlist, which isn't much and is probably horribly outdated. I don't know the songs I own, but yes. Request away. :| I'll likely have time over the weekend to upload them for you.

  • A Story of Love - the story, by Ray Bradbury. Randomly posted, because my friend told me about it and I looked it up and wuh. Pretty cool.

  • The Art of Losing - the poem, by Elizabeth Bishop, which I remembered from first year readings and tried looking up, because I kept wanting to show it to my friend. (Yes, dolts, I'm not making her up. :| Incidentally, she was the one who referred me to the poem I posted a couple of entries back.)

  • DVDs - so I can't link to any of them, sadly, and neither can I offer them up for sending to random people, but no wallowing is good wallowing without ice cream, tissue, and these movies: Love Actually, Closer, Brokeback Mountain (Duh. :P), Love Story (which I've never actually seen, but you know. :P), and you know what? Try Little Manhattan on for size too.

  • Wallow Food - According to Barbara Novak, chocolate's a good substitute as any for a man, and this, Willy Wonka says, is because chocolate releases endorphins, which give people the feeling of being in love. If you've no chocolate, there's always ice cream, Oreos, chips, butter-caramel popcorn, pizza, etcetera. :P

Yes, I think that's about it for today. ♥
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  • Watched Little Manhattan. It's so sad and sweet and seriously cute. Puppy love makes me melt. I want the soundtrack, but there doesn't seem to be one released just yet. Woe.

  • Watching Jason Mraz concert this Saturday. \o/ I need to psyche myself up, but I just. Can't. *plays Jason Mraz* I want to sing along and annoy everyone in the concert. :|

  • Has anyone ever heard of The Law Firm? It's an NBC reality TV show that my Law professor suggested we watch a week ago. I've watched two episodes and decided to look it up online. YOU try it, when usually all it takes is a website or two before you can get any real information, looking spoilers up for THAT show took around ten minutes. :| The forums died after the third episode, what the hell?

  • I cannot study. I have quizzes in Business Law and French tomorrow, as well as a meeting for my Marketing class at 10am. I'd go to the corner of the room I set up specifically for studying, but I'm a bit distracted and a little sad and kind of. Weeeeeeiiiiird.

    I think I'll go to bed first. I have nothing to say on eljay these days. :|

  • Rec me coffee-shop-music, pretty please?


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