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you're welcome.

ps i guess you can say this is nsfw but what are you doing checking LJ at work huh? <.< >.>
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  • Signed up for Nano! I'm not entirely sure why, what with [redacted] happening in November and not having plot and time and all of that, but. I signed up. Right now I think I'm doing Teen Wolf which, EL OH EL, but [ profile] theaeblackthorn gave me plot that I might be able to play with. WE WILL SEE I will try to spend this weekend plotting it out.

    The PLAN for Nano:
    - 2-hour writing blocks on Monday evening (3000-word goal) -- 12000 max
    - 4-hour writing blocks on Wednesday (6000-word goal) -- 24000 max
    - 1.5-hour writing blocks weekday mornings (2250-word goal) -- 27000 if 3x a week, 45000 if 5x, not counting Thanksgiving
    - at least 2 4-hour blocks on weekends (min 6000-word goal) -- 18000 not counting Thanksgiving

    Not entirely sure I'll be able to pull off the daily morning thing and the last time I did the 4-hour writing blocks I came up with a little under 10k SO THIS MIGHT JUST WORK. The problem is, and has always been, plotting. Also focus. I'll honestly need to have legit plot before November though. What do 50k words look like plot-wise? Seriously, this is my problem.

  • Getting a new laptop. Been sitting on this decision for the last year, but I bought my Mac in 2007 and have never updated its OS, which is a problem because I'm four behind and it's hard to install new software now because, you know, BEHIND. <.< >.> I was going to update it, but it turns out it can go as high as the OS Lion, but not the Mountain Lion (which is newer).

    The laptop itself is still working, it is, but the memory's catching up to it, I think, and I'd much rather replace it now and move my files over before, you know, having the hard drive crash and fail and I end up losing everything.

    But it's still in good working condition at 5 years, I am impressed, so it's not even a question that I'm sticking with Apple. Before I had my Mac I had a shitty Acer laptop that died within 2 years. In that time I have had to take it to random service places and paid out of pocket for things to get fixed. Meanwhile Apple customer service has never done me wrong -- it faltered a few days after my warranty expired and they serviced it for free. I dropped sparkling water in it and fried it WAY past the warranty expiration AND THEY SERVICED IT FOR FREE (IT WOULD HAVE BEEN $850) BECAUSE I ADMITTED IT WAS MY FAULT. Like. What even.

    I'm thinking it's just time, too. EXCITED. :D

  • Considering getting this too. I don't tend to be frivolous but ngl bags are kind of a weakness. D: Also I travel a lot and it'd be nice to have a purse that my laptop can easily slot out of when I'm going through security and just in general too, IDK look it looks professional and not a diaper bag I love my Vera Bradley messenger bag but I wouldn't have bought it if a friend hadn't given it to me because diaper bags idk.

  • HOCKEY. Okay maybe not really but HOCKEY. IS. HAPPENING. Going to a charity game this Friday. The 2010 Blackhawks that I like are playing and fasjf;asjfkasl;dflaksj yes I just want to see some goddamn hockey already. I should be going to AHL games but IDK, never get around to looking at ticket prices and stuff. I have a friend who works for the Wolves and can get me free tickets but it's a matter of waiting on her too, because the last time we tried to do that she texted me two days before the game I'd wanted. :|

  • Potted Potter. It is showing in Chicago and I am watching it this November AND I CANNOT WAIT. It's been a long time since I was in a theater urgh. Also considering Kinky Boots because my friend said it was fun and Groupon has 35% off for it IDK. Probably not though already spending so much monies. :|

Sorry, this is just random rambling because I felt the need to update. :|
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Urgh, you guys, this makes my heart swell ten-fold. ♥

For those new to my flist, I've written about the LGBT movement in hockey before. It's not anything grandiose, and it isn't really league-led, but considering this is one of the four big sports, it's definitely something. (I don't follow the other three so I'm not aware of how the developments in hockey compare to those.)

Anyway, an update to that is the You Can Play project, spearheaded by Patrick Burke (Brendan's brother), and their first step involves filming a PSA from some of the biggest names in the league. They may not look like it, but those are All-Stars, top players in the league. And Burke says they have filmed 30 players in total out of the 35 who are committed to joining this.

This is a really good recap of everything too.

You Can Play is Burke's bold new initiative that enlists NHL players — the count is up to around 30 as the campaign kicked off Sunday — to "change the sometimes homophobic culture of locker rooms with a message that athletes should be judged on athletic skill and ability, not sexual orientation or other discriminatory factors," according to the organization.

"Through You Can Play, we want to let guys know why that [casual homophobia] is hard for gay athletes to hear. Even if you don't mean it in that sense, there's probably a guy in the locker room that can't take it in any way but in that sense," said Burke.

It's just a really awesome thing to have happen, and like I said last year, I just hope we continue to move in this direction.
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  • [ profile] het_bigbang is plugging along, but I think I'm officially blocked. I know what comes next, but not really how to write it. It could be because I spent the last couple of days in San Francisco and have had very little sleep and just need to step away for a bit, but. I don't know. It also doesn't feel like I'm at the halfway point of the story yet? Which could be a problem.

    June 19:

    14594 / 25000 words. 58% done!

  • Pottermore

    I have tickets to an evening showing of Deathly Hallows part 2. I'm mildly interested in what JKR has to say about the houses as per the Pottermore announcement. I would be disappointed if she ~ruined~ what's canon in my head by saying things about some characters that I didn't have in mind, but at the same time, the characters I like are minor enough that I don't think she's going to screw them up further. And the one time she touched a minor character, it was Blaise Zabini and I kind of loved what she did with him. It's not quite "In JKR I trust" but it'll do.

  • NHL Schedule

    Lots of bullet point stuff here. Kind of disappointed we won't be going to the Wild on a Saturday, even more disappointed that the home-and-home opener is against Dallas as opposed to the Wings, when the Hawks/Wings have traditionally opened the season in at least the last three years.

    St Louis on December 3 will be on a Saturday, though, as will Nashville (twice, even: January 21 and March 31) and the last game of the season in Detroit, April 7 (also Caroline's birthday!) so doing two out of four possible road trips will be pretty good.

    Not related to the schedule, but NHL-centric: WHOA FLYERS. WHOA.
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I know very few of you are into hockey, but I know I've got a flist made up of pretty much all the colors of the rainbow, so I thought you might be interested in something that's been going on in hockey fandom about the LGBT movement. I was actually going to copy&paste a post that someone had made on the latest development, but then I realized that maybe not everyone knows what most of the developments had been. I don't know how much of the stuff in hockey actually transcends national news/interest, so in case you aren't aware, I thought I'd put together a little bit of a primer on what's going on. (Granted, this is stuff as I remember it, so it's not meant to be all-encompassing or anything, but still.)

It started with Brendan Burke )
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Patrick Sharp, why are you so hilarious?

Tonight we have our team meal, coaches, staff and players. We're going to kind of get things kicked off with a nice meal, then I'll go home. I'm going to fire up my computer and try to talk to my girlfriend and maybe even my other girlfriend, Adam Burish.

Just. IDEK. BWAHAHAHAHA. God. These boys. Urgh.

Edited the next day, because LJ was lame: Sobbing. I don't know what I love best in this video-- the random naked Seabrook, Bollie lifting the bag to cover his face BECAUSE PATRICK SHARP IS A FUCKING PAP, the ear tickling (wtf?), the Finnish seagull, what Khabby's been doing with all of his money ("It's one of a kind-- looks like he's got two of them" ahahaha Seabs you lovable fool), camera flirtation with Tazer (PULL HIS PIGTAILS MOAR, SHARPY), THE LOOK OF LOVE, Soupy being his own comedian-- and I just summarized the whole video.

I have decided that if there is a heaven, my version of it would involve just watching these boys 24/7, on and off the ice. That is all.
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If you've been wondering where I've gone these last two weeks, well. I really haven't had much else to say outside of hockey six games left til the end of the season! Upset by Vancouver! Still fourth seed but fighting to keep it! OMGZZZZ I HAVE PLAYOFF TICKETS! so I've stayed away from LJ for a bit. Still reading updates though!

Anyway, I have memes?

For the first one I got tagged by [ profile] acidpop25:

Firstly: People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
Secondly: Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

Twenty Questions )

And this is the more interesting meme (I think, BUT ONLY BECAUSE NO ONE HAS STUMPED ME YET, MWAHAHAHA!): Fuck-Marry-Kill

1. Comment to this and I will give you three people. (Or sets of three, if you like.)
2. Post this meme with your answers.
3. Provide pictures and the names of three people.
4. Label which you would kill, marry, and fuck.

Kim gave me Terry Boot, Brian Kinney, and Barney Stinson. )

Jess gave me Theodore Nott, Terry Boot, and Astoria Greengrass. )

She also gave me Captain Jack Harkness, Ten, and Chuck Bass. )

Then Line gave me Toews, Sharp, and Keith. (Yes, they are Blackhawks players. Shut up.) )
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Three things made me happy yesterday.

  1. The Blackhawks

    Liek duh, you guys, but they won against Dallas Stars and swept the series for the first time in 41 seasons asjd;fajskdlf;asdfj THIS IS A SEASON FOR RECORD-BREAKING, OKAY? The Blackhawks already broke a franchise record for the longest-winning streak (it was 8 before, now it's 9), and then they broke a drought in the Anaheim arena and the Shark Tank where the San Jose Sharks (top of the division, they're tough to beat especially at home, even if you go overtime) play, and then against Florida who they haven't beaten since 2002 either, or something, and now Dallas Stars. HELL YEAH. My boys are awesome.

    And Patrick Kane apparently got a haircut and it got buzzed all the way when he wanted to "fade it up" so his golden curls are still there but WHO GETS HAIRCUTS WHEN THEY'RE ON ROADTRIPS? That makes no sense at all. NO SENSE.

    OH, and they scored 9 points total, right, 3 goals and 6 assists, and you know you've got a fucking awesome team when all those 9 points belong to 9 FUCKING DIFFERENT PEOPLE. CRYING. THIS ROSTER. I LOVE IT SO. NEVER GO AWAY.

  2. My Mystery Cupid

    Yesterday I got my [ profile] hpvalensmut fic!

    Forgetting Mandy Brocklehurst. When Terry is left at the altar, he's pushed into going on his honeymoon alone. Except, Lisa has other ideas and is Unspeakable-y sneaky. And Blaise is a closet romantic. (Blaise/Terry; mentions of Terry/Mandy and Mandy/Stephen)

    It's Blaise/Terry, you guys, I didn't expect that to be written at all! But it was cute, based off the initial premise of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but with a hotter, sexier Mila Kunis equivalent. :P And mmmmm. Terry. Terry.

    Give it a read, and then shower it with love and comments, okay? Okay! :D

  3. Linds!

    So [ profile] longleggedgit was over in the city for her JET interview (which she totally ROCKED and PWNED and OMG JAPAN) and since she was here we met up for dinner and drinks! Ahahaha, I've never been to Gino's East before but that was cool, deep dish pizza in Chicago (LINE I forgot to tell you maybe we should TRY that the crust isn't like too pastry-ish like it was in Lou Malnati's or Uno's?) ftw! Even though we could only really get one slice because ahahahaha, huge serving.

    Then we had $16.50 pitcher beers this is why I don't go out in the city on a regular basis (except to see hockey because that's special, duh) and then we went back to where Linds and her friends were staying to drink and watch the really bad sequel to Grease.


    Then I went home and crawled to bed and slept til 7am, lol.
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And here's the final part of my Chicago Blackhawks pimping-- ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Mr Duncan Keith.


Actually, I want to introduce his father, King of Cliches. :|

Photo from [ profile] backcheck

>> But awwww, look at him! Wee little Keith!

Photo from [ profile] backcheck

>> And trust me.

Photo from [ profile] backcheck

>> He.

Photo from [ profile] backcheck

>> Gets.


I wish I could say this is the end of it, but I really do love the Blackhawks, and I don't think I'll be able to stop talking about them anytime soon. Plus, they are just inherently LOLtastic. :| Idk. But now you know you they are, hopefully! And why I love them. :P

And. You know.

Maybe now it also explains why this is completely understandable, y/n? Y, plz? )

And that's it. G'night, m'dears! ♥
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I could not decide who my next post should be about, but I finally conceded this: it does not feel right to NOT post about Patrick Sharp and Adam Burish right after each other. (I was gonna put them in one post together, but yeah, Patrick kind of kneed his way into a post all his own, bad pun intended-- speaking of which, he's only possibly out for about 3-4 weeks! \o/ Hopefully, at least. :|)

This post is all about the lulz, folks. It really is.

I am going to put the rest under the cut, but. Uh. Guys? Adam Burish and Patrick Sharp? Are roommates. And no, I am NOT making that sound better than it is. Because this video. This video. I CANNOT EVEN MAKE THIS UP.

There is more gold behind this cut, because Adam Burish is seriously loltastic. )
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Guys, the Blackhawks won against the Dallas Stars 6-2 last night, but right now I'm nursing a broken heart. Do you remember how you felt when Sirius Black went through the veil? The shock, the silence, the HOLY FUCK DID THAT JUST HAPPEN? It's sort of like that, only nobody died (obviously), but it was still-- oh my god, I can't even deal right now. *flails*

If you've been ignoring the last few posts because hockey just isn't your thing, or sports isn't, or for any other reason, I understand completely, but know that if I ever wanted you to read any of these pimping posts, this is the one that I would want you to read.

Because Patrick Sharp deserves a goddamn fucking post all his own, after last night. )

And. Yeah. Last night, not even a minute in (39 seconds after the first period started, actually), Patrick Sharp got checked by Steve Ott, and Sharpie crumpled up after and like. COULD NOT STAND BY HIMSELF ANYMORE. He lay down for the longest, most heart-breaking 30 seconds of my life, until Toews and a trainer helped him out of the ice.

He didn't return anytime after that, and he's up for an MRI this Tuesday to check on his knee (it's a knee injury, that much is pretty clear now), and he's out for the next 3 games for sure, but it could be longer than that. (Let me cut this now because this part is getting long again. :|) )
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I know early on that I gave you guys a brief description about the team, but as a) today is Valentine's Day (what? no way! are you serious? because I'm sure none of you were reminded by the endless commercials and red-and-pink displays everywhere) and I can't dedicate this post to a single guy on the team (I can't; I love them all madly. Well, not all, but a lot of them.), and b) I have a short window of time within which to do this post, this part of the series will be short and sweet, as Valentine's Day should be.

Photo from [ profile] backcheck

Come meet the rest of the gang, the unsung heroes and the lesser-known 'Hawks who deserve no less love just because they're in the shadows of much more awesome people. )

AND NOW I'm off, because I need to pick up Line so we can watch my beloved Blackhawks against the Dallas Stars. ♥
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It has come to my attention that these posts have inspired feeble attempts at countering the awesomeness of the Blackhawks. (With shoddy photos and barely any explanation, no less.) LOL.

Flist, if you've any other loves you'd care to share with the rest of us that you may not normally discuss on LJ, well. It is the weekend of love; why don't you pimp your other obsessions to the rest of us?

Bringing out the big guns now-- haaaaaave you met Wiz? )
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Hello again, and welcome to part 2 of my 7-part pimping of the Chicago Blackhawks. (Hey, it's almost Valentine's Day and they deserve some love!)

This post will be a little bit shorter than yesterday's, SO GO AHEAD AND CLICK. :D:D:D

Today I will introduce you to the new stars of the team! )
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Flist, I tried. I swear I did. But as with [ profile] illuminations' DBSK love, and [ profile] bribitribbit's HSM love, and [ profile] miss_charmed's David Archuleta love, I cannot hide my love for the Chicago Blackhawks any longer.

I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, a thousand times please forgive me, but I can no longer not say anything on this journal (because it's meant to be mostly for fannish HP content, but I cannot deny this love, oh no, I can't.) so please, indulge me-- humor me?-- and let me pimp the boys out for the next seven days (YES, SEVEN DAYS. you have been warned. any less would be a CRIME.)

If you click at this link here you'll begin to understand where the madness began. )
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...and hopefully this gets this out of my system for a good long while and keep me from embarrassing myself or crossing any lines I'd promised myself I'd never cross, but.

More slashers really need to start watching hockey, thanks. That is all.



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