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Last Wednesday Isa mentioned having a hard time finding fic for a small fandom. I asked her which, she said Cabin Pressure, a 4-man radio play in between its 3rd and 4th seasons. All the episodes were on YouTube so I thought, well, it had Benedict Cumberbatch in it, and it's Isa-approved, so I thought, why not.

I popped it in to listen to during work Thursday morning. Last Saturday I listened to the last ep of season 3. Today I have gone through a re-listen of s1.

Yep. This is a thing now.
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Especially when they're gassed to have a tooth pulled.
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This seems to have been like, a really crappy week for a lot of you guys, since I feel like all the comments I've left have all been cuddles-- which I don't even think are helping, and honestly, if I knew what would actually work, I'd do it in a heartbeat. :\ This is the best I could come up with, and I hope that if you're feeling a bit down, this helps, even just a little bit. ♥♥♥

Idontknow. :| Babies are cute, okay?
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From [ profile] squishstoy:

Really, America? Are you really gonna vote for this man?
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I would actually pay to see this movie. :| I WANT I WANT I WAAAANT. *dies laughing*
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sort of.

Some dude created MUSIC out of windows sound effects. amaze.
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Skip to about 3 minutes in. It is. OMG. I want. I WANT SO BADLY AND I AM ASHAMED OF THAT BUT I DO.

...there was Get Over It, a teeny-bopper flick about, well, a high school.. musical.

Nothing much like High School Musical, except:

Troy Bolton Ben Foster is a basketball star.
His best friend Chad thinks his theater craze is crazy.
Kirsten Dunst is a girl named Kelly Kelsi? who writes her own songs.

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because these needed spreading. (thank you, [ profile] miss_charmed! these made my NIGHT.



South Park in Hogwarts (or is it the other way around?)

Ginger Kids

Can I just say: Cartman!Draco rocks.
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For those who were disappointed, dismayed, let down and annoyed by the newest Spiderman installment...

Let Snow Patrol make up for it.
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I am graduating in less than a week's time, and I have learned, in the last two or three weeks since school officially ended, that there is much pretty in the world: :|

Right. When will David Tennant stop being adorable? :|

Really, Jack, you can't pretend that's just CPR you're doing.

Wah, my newest favourite woobie.

Praise the the Scottish, the Welsh, and Russell T Davies.


  • Ended up watching Sunshine today (because when you've got a gym-crazy mother a supposedly short trip to the mall for contacts turns into a three-hour wait that must be filled with doing something while she finishes her workout). I'm surprised they didn't topbill Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, Chris Evans and Rose Byrne. Decent enough film, can't understand why my friend raves about it so, but oh well. Also, I can't be sure if the creepy flashes of red-faced people grinning at the screen were intentional or not. :|

  • Trailers, trailers. Spiderman's so emo, but I love him so. That's about the only trailer worth watching, though, the rest were cheesy action flicks. Understandable, considering the main feature. :|

  • Weirdly enough, the malls are showing Gray Matters in cinemas this week. We've never had any LGBT films in mainstream cinemas before, this should be interesting. :| Of course, I'm assuming.. Gray Matters is LGBT, isn't it? Okay, wait, it's not showing in the US until June 19, but it's showing here on April 18? What? :|

ETA: Okay, wtf, America? You're not seeing Sunshine until September 2007? What's going on? :|
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Right, so, which of you people watch Skins? I basically marathoned all nine episodes of the first season yesterday through today.

And I've enjoyed watching it, right, and I'm typing it out right now with a UK accent because it's the only thing I've heard for the past 24 hours, but anyway, I love how it's randomly funny and teenagery and everything, so anyway.

  1. Is it just me or does Michelle look like Alexis Bledel? (or however way that name is spelled, sorry.) They look the same, that's all. :| And while we're discussing lookalikes, omg Tony's the boy from About a Boy! MARCUS! And he hottened up some, I've got to admit. Nice.

  2. When is the second season coming out? There is a second season for this, right? They can't just leave them where they left them? (Although personally I could handle this being all there is to it--at least Cassie and Sid have got closure. Yay Cassie and Sid!)

  3. What the fuck was up with the finale? No, I mean, seriously. What. The. Hell?

    Seriously, even people who've not seen Skins should watch that, it's the single most cracktastic finale I've ever seen on any episode.

    I am still wtf-y about it, and would rather appreciate some explanation. :|
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I am unofficially over my undergraduate education. Also, sort of back online. (Why yes, I took a few days' break. )

We saw this trailer a week or two ago and because the cinemas were no longer showing Dreamgirls, we decided to watch this instead. (Hey, we're done for the semester and we had to celebrate SOMEHOW.)

Biggest. Mistake. EVER.

The plot? Was SLOW and MESSY. (Took them maybe ten, fifteen minutes JUST to establish that they were going to look for Prince Charming, and THAT DIDN'T EVEN CONTRIBUTE ANYTHING TO THE PLOT.)

The dialogue? Was AWKWARD and CLICHED. (They tried to be CLEVER but everything fell FLAT on their faces.)

The characters? Were UNLOVABLE. (The so-called hero and heroine whined too much and were shallow and two-dimensional. If this is the chemistry Freddie Prinze Jr and Sarah Michelle Gellar have in their marriage, then they're not shagging enough. Or something.)

The actors? Were STILTED and UNNATURAL. (According to my friend, they all sounded like they were word vomitting. I couldn't agree more.)

But this part takes the cake:

Halfway through the movie, during the moment of, I don't know, plot twist or some sorta climactic moment, Freddie Prinze Jr, who is narrating, says:

"Oh, it gets worse afterward."

In the dark of the cinema I SWEAR we made the D:< face.

Oh my GOD and he wasn't kidding. It DOES get worse.


PS: Flist, ILU madly, but. Learn to read, omg!

I shall shower you all with love next time, I promise.
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This song is awesome, and if you don't believe me, you can click and hear it in real time instead of downloading.

imeem's nifty, why have we not discovered this before?

EDIT: Line says it's bad, but to put it into context, it's a parody of bubblegum Britney pop, which THEREFORE makes it CLEVER trash, and not my way of, as she put it, "circumventing the system and being able to enjoy Britney". PFFT.


And HERE is a parody of 80s pop. You must also listen to it.


Actually, forget the Pop! song, JUST WATCH ITS VIDEO. Bad 80s Pop as parodied! Hugh Grant shaking his ass! A FAKE HOSPITAL SCENE! FAKE BACKGROUNDS, etc etc. Hilarity all around! :D
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MADtv's House/Grey's Anatomy crossover parody

For fans of both. :D


In other news, my life other than that which is related to school is on hold. Except I watched Music and Lyrics the other day, and who wants the soundtrack to that?
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I can't believe this didn't make the LJ rounds in my flist last year, when it was featured on YouTube. :| *cry*

In other news, I reformat my laptop later. That'll make this the third time in the span of a year. Blegh. But there's also a virus in my external hard drive and I don't know if it's curable, and all my files are there. :\

Hello, flist. I'm still alive, and reading through entries, though only occasionally commenting, by the by. La.


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