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  • Hosted my first ~dinner party~ today, ahahaha, and besides a mostly empty bookcase toppling over when it was nudged by one of the guests, and the smoke alarm going off because I left the pizza in the oven too long, it went pretty well. My carbonara thingy was a little too dry by the time people started arriving, and I don't think we had enough soda (but too much booze :|) buuuuut my cake was a hit and I ended up giving all of it away by the end of the night but that's okay. Now I know how to make it! (And properly this time.) \o/

  • I woke up this morning to find out about a freak typhoon that hit the Philippines-- two cities in particular that had whole subdivisions and whatnot submerged under water. Called my parents but they were already asleep, which at least meant they were safe. At dinner tonight my parents called back to let me know what was going on; the worst that happened was they weren't able to go to my grandmother's 80th birthday and my brother had to sleep at his campus overnight because they were sort of stranded there. But otherwise everybody's fine.

  • I tried getting into Friday Night Lights once, a long time ago, but somehow the beginning of the first ep dragged on too long for me to bother with. Anyway, I took to watching it again, and it's really pretty compelling stuff. Sometimes it gets overly dramatic but really, good stuff. I wish I knew this during the summer, when there were like ZERO shows on, though. Now I have to squeeze it in between Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl and Merlin and House and HIMYM and Glee and hockey and fantasy too, and RPing and so on and so forth. Never been so glad to no longer be a student than now.
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Got just one breather day after Lollapalooza
but now I'm off to Minnesota
I've three days, two nights
Two dreaded flights
It doesn't even look like
I can meet up with anyone I like :(
I'll be back soon though
Before the week is even through
Though I dearly hope
My fandoms don't implode
Patrick Kane I'm looking at you.
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I saw a show on Hulu called My Bare Lady, which stars porn stars as they try to make it in real acting.

This explains (excuses?) the next sentence:

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  • has been really iffy with me in the last few days. I know some of you guys have talked about backing your LJs up-- what programs do you use and how do I go about doing that?

  • Speaking of LJ, my paid account expires soon, like December 1 soon. I want to change my layout into something like, black, white, red and floral (like my room), before the account changes back into more limited settings, but I am out of ideas. Grr. Help?

  • Want to know a bit of awesome? You can bake peanut butter cookies with only 3 ingredients. That's right: 1 egg, 1c sugar, and 1c peanut butter is all a girl needs to be happy in this world. (Just mix them all together, put dollops on a cookie sheet, bake on 350-375F for ~10min, and voila!)

  • Live near Chicago/somewhere in the Midwest? Have no plans for the second weekend of December? Come watch Were the World Mine with fellow slashers! Sign up post and details are over here.

  • Thanksgiving dragging you students down? Here's a fairly helpful article on The College Students' Guide to a Happy Thanksgiving. Am going to see if it works. :|
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So the Terminus bug has sort of stayed, and tomorrow I'm going on a road trip with [ profile] alaana_fair, [ profile] dramedy, and [ profile] scarlet_malfoy to [ profile] mijan and [ profile] fiona_fawkes' for a fandom slumber party. Of the Midwest variety. Oh, fandom. ♥
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I am not an American citizen. I am not able to vote for your presidents, or donate to your candidates' campaigns, but I am glad that at least somehow, I am able to witness a turning point in your history, because somehow, I hope, this is a turning point in all of our history.

Grant Park was amazing, and insane, and kind of murderous-- I went with a friend and we arrived at 6pm, working our way through masses of people (Did you see my hand waving on CNN, flist?) until we finally saw the metal detectors that meant we were nearly there, and when we broke into open space we found-- yes, even more people.

We watched CNN while we waited for Barack Obama to appear, and I am sure the rest of the world was tuned in as well, but the vibe in Grant Park was electric. Every time a state was called in favour of Obama everyone cheered and broke into spontaneous chanting.

They called Pennsylvania first, far too early in the race, enough to cause drama, so I've heard. McCain was winning in Texas, but surprisingly, not by much. CNN was turning Star Wars on us, and we waited with bated breath. Wolf Blitzer was excited about calling one state, but we knew it was Ohio. Then NPR called Virginia, just a few minutes before precincts were scheduled to close in the West Coast.

At 10:00:01, CNN called the election, and Grant Park went wild. They quieted to hear McCain speak, booed when he mentioned Palin, but when Obama came onstage and addressed everyone-- well, that was the high point of the night. And man, that speech will be written about, studied, remembered, in the years to come.

So yes, America, you can. Yes, in fact, you did.

And yes, I was there.
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Tis massively belated, but in my defense, I was at my cousin's partaking (for the first time) in that Western tradition called Trick-or-Treating. It was by a lucky stroke of Fate that my nephews and niece did not like chocolate, so, uh, I came home with a stash of my own. :| Anyway! As tagged by [ profile] onlysayitonce:

a. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new, original question.
b. Tag eight people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you. (if you want)

Meme Here )

Tagging: Um. [ profile] ccharlotte, [ profile] thethirdbar, [ profile] boho, [ profile] jetsam_porridge, [ profile] idroppedarice, [ profile] wirepatch, [ profile] brianne, and [ profile] perculious. You don't have to, though.
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Tonight I went to a reading of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman in Downers Grove, which is about forty minutes away by train. I wish I'd taken better pictures, but my camera is quite crappy without zoom (even though I was sat at, like. The second row.) and as I was holding a venti decaf to warm me up, I wasn't able to take a photo of the theater where the reading took place.

But it was amazing. Neil Gaiman isn't quite the rock star he is in these parts (his visit to Manila was still pretty awesome by any standard-- everyone was pumped and excited and man, there were so many people) but perhaps the fact that we were in a large formal theater may have reined people in a bit.

He really is an amazing person to see and hear in person. The chapter he read us was fantastic (also, you must hear him read, I know the videos of his readings are out there somewhere), and I am thoroughly enjoying The Graveyard Book (2/3 of the way done, lol) and highly recommend it to all. (I wish I could point out specific things, but I am tired and about ready to sleep.)

Now I know my last few posts have been frantic panic about school and projects and not having enough time for everything, and I still don't have enough time for things, but. I would not have missed this for anything. It kind of puts things into a bit of perspective-- these are the things I'll remember always, that I'll always relish having experienced, and screw papers and presentations-- I'm never going to tell those stories to my grandchildren. :|

PS: I don't actually mean the text in the icon. :| It was the only decent icon of him around, minus the wording, lol.
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Things, things, things, in no specific order:

  • Washington is a pretty city, but I'm not trading Chicago for it. Washington is all neat and proper and appropriate, while Chicago's got this edge to it that HELLO, IS IN BATMAN. :|

  • While American history, as it turns out, doesn't do much for me, I believe I'm acquiring an interest in all things World-War-II-related. :| Like. Everything. The period itself is-- I kinda see what Captain Jack Harkness loves about it so much, and just. Yes. :|

  • This vacation has been grrrrreat. Like, I'm under no stress to omg-see-everything-NOW and as it is also largely unplanned, it has become somewhat a natural occurrence for me to simply stumble into pleasant surprises. My first day it was the Portrait Gallery, yesterday it was the Holocaust Memorial, today it was Jim Henson's gallery at the Smithsonian Castle. I've allowed myself time to sit under the shade of a tree when I so desire to catch up with a book or fill out a crossword, though I've not had the chance to write.

  • Neil Gaiman is going to be in a Chicago suburb this October. I want to seeeeeee. I hope I can. Fingers crossed!

  • I have decided that I am going to try to go to Leaky Con in Boston, because I loved Terminus so much and anyway, I've always wanted to see Boston. Who's with me? :D (I even have ideas for programming, lol)
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I decided two weeks ago, purely on whim, to visit the capital after Terminus. So, um. As of 1 hour before departing for the airport, I have:

  • my boarding pass
  • the confirmation number for the hostel
  • a mostly packed bag
  • dressed myself

I don't have:
  • directions from the DC airport to the hostel
  • any other plans

This is the sort of thing that will either be made of epic failure or epic win. Wah or wahoo.

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I have moved from my dorm to an apartment! \o/ And because I'm a cheapskate, I moved everything myself (nearly everything-- my roommate helped lug an extra luggage bag for one trip, and I took a cab to move my desk and my mini-fridge) so I've been moving since May 10.

Well, not really. I moved stuff around for a few days, and today I got the last of my stuff from the dorm and now I can rightly say that I have ~officially~ moved.

And my apartment is made of so much ~WIN~!

Exhibit A. The View

I am such a dork, I know; click if you want to humour me )

I would show you my kitchen but that's even more boring than this. :| But yes. Suffice to say, I am very very pleased.
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California has legalized gay marriage.

By the afternoon, gay and lesbian couples had already started lining up at San Francisco City Hall to make appointments to get marriage licenses.

Unlike Massachusetts, California has no residency requirement for obtaining a marriage license, meaning gays from around the country are likely to flock to the state to be wed, said Jennifer Pizer, a gay-rights attorney who worked on the case.

I love how it fits. :D
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So [ profile] ccharlotte and I were coming home from a less-than-stellar play, and in the intersection before the guest suites we were staying we were stopped by some dude and a couple of cops. Why?

They were filming a movie, and a helicopter and The El were involved, and they didn't want anyone under the El tracks while the helicopter was flying below regulation, almost just above the El.

It flew right over us, and when we got to the guest suites, Line actually saw the helicopter land on top of the train. (Or, you know, it looked like that from where we were, and we had a pretty good view. They must have timed it precisely.)

So. Freaking. AMAZING.

The guy said the movie was called "The Unborn", but I think it's closer to, oh. The UnBourne?
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I thought that campus shootings had truly ended in the 90s, that we've heard the last of them and Virginia Tech was simply an aberration. But 7 people have now died in Northern Illinois University, just ten months since Virginia, apparently, and it's just. Short of doing bag checks at every entrance of a campus to ensure our own safety, this is really the kind of thing that no one can predict, let alone prevent. (Do you really think it's a matter of reaching out to the potential gunman in your class? Someone somewhere will tick in a way you would never see coming, I think, and we're all fucked up one way or another and it's just a matter of how we cope, and this is just where others' coping leads, sometimes.)

The thing with tragedies like this is that they should not be happening this frequently. I want to know what's going wrong but I'm inclined to think that these things remain senseless and that there are no answers.
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I can't believe people are paying me $15 an hour to talk to them. About shit. Seriously.

It does require some travel and it is rather tiring if you've worked all day, taking stressful calls and when your new co-worker is too fresh to pull his weight around and if nearly every question via email and call is beginning to turn you very, very racist. I need to remember all customer service jobs are awful because some customers just--yes, you got it--suck. (There's a universal, culturally-insensitive truth for you.)

But nothing does raise your spirits more than Torchwood nearly done and an impromptu waffle toasted in your seven-dollar toaster, topped with whipped cream you bought on whim and just because you can (because they certainly don't have this in most grocery shelves back home), and liberally syrupped with honey in a sachet that your roommate has, for no particular reason.

Torchwood now. :D
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So yesterday I helped a bit in cooking for a Nigerian dinner that one of my hallmates wanted to throw, and for some reason I skipped the dinner. (Apparently, Line, it went on, nobody just told me. :| And I didn't check. :|)

Anyway, today I found a bottle of malt beer on my table as a thank you for the help, and it embarrasses me that since I'm currently reading A History of the World in Six Glasses (what, the title wouldn't make you want to read it?), I've found it amusing that I got "paid" in beer like they did back in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

God I'm such a dork.
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Fill in the blank:

I always tell ________.

Explanation behind cut )

In other news, I saw Wicked for the third time today, except now I was sat in the front row. A little to the right. Fantastic view of nostrils and everything.

Man, it would be SO amazing if the Fiyero hadn't been so clearly gay, but I guess it also works because Elphaba and Glinda had so much more chemistry anyway.

I can't be the only one to think that, right? :|

HOW have I been updating DAILY?
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I am loving Halloween so far. Today on the way home from the supermarket after buying candies (SWEET ones, none of this sour candy nonsense Line seems to think is NORMAL, yeesh) for little children I walked past a guy dressed up as the Nightcrawler, complete with the blue skin. At work earlier, just before my shift ended, a group of four college students dressed in costume reverse trick-or-treated and gave us candy. There has been a candy basket in the office too, for the past two days.

Back home, around this time people don't give out candy randomly to strangers, and neither do they dress up in costume. Instead they light candles and go to cemeteries to visit dead relatives while they drink and gamble and use the crypts for tables. :|

Needless to say, I prefer what happens over here.

This be my first pumpkin! Ever! Yesterday my groupmates and I were planning on practicing for our presentation that evening but one of them wanted to check out the pumpkin carving, which we did, and you know. Four foreign kids experiencing Halloween for the first time and you know what happened. :|

Pumpkin carving til 3:30, god what were we thinking?

But anyway. That was my pumpkin. :| It's meant to be Harry Potter except I didn't have time to carve his lightning bolt and his mouth because NO MORE TIME PRESENTATION IN TWO HOURS OHMYGOD.

Next year I shall finish Harry, though. Yes.

Happy Halloween Everyone!
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Since this entry I feel like I can say nothing else that is more interesting or more amusing, so I'll go for the opposite and bore you to tears. See my icon be ironic. Hahaha.

  • I got a part time job starting yesterday and consequently overslept for it.
  • I have got a major oral and written presentation due next Tuesday and even though it's group work, I'm essentially micromanaging it and I haven't written anything for the paper yet.
  • I will be out of town on the one weekened before the project. Shall be in New York from Friday to Sunday.
  • I have 45 minutes until the bus to the downtown campus arrives, and instead of being productive I am contemplating catching up on Heroes. (I probably won't, but I'll likely not be productive either.)
  • I still need to do my laundry tonight when I get back home at like, 10pm. Fun.

On the bright side:

  • I had another presentation/homework/project due on Monday which required research, but thankfully the research topic overlapped with what I was already doing for Tuesday, so yesterday I just sent my bits to my groupmates.
  • I will have money to pay for the swanky ivory coat I ordered. :|
  • The quarter will soon be over.

QUESTION: If the Harry Potter series were real, and somewhere in an alley between a bookstore and an audio store Diagon Alley bustles to life, and-- wait, hang on.

Which BNF do you think will most likely fit in with the world of Harry Potter and why? :|

Yes, of course this question is important. :| OH MY GOD I THINK I KNOW WHO. *ponders*
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I cannot decide if Colbert running for the President of the United States is:

a. no longer funny because Man of the Year was already made.
b. even more hilarious because someone actually took it this step further.


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