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  • Hosted my first ~dinner party~ today, ahahaha, and besides a mostly empty bookcase toppling over when it was nudged by one of the guests, and the smoke alarm going off because I left the pizza in the oven too long, it went pretty well. My carbonara thingy was a little too dry by the time people started arriving, and I don't think we had enough soda (but too much booze :|) buuuuut my cake was a hit and I ended up giving all of it away by the end of the night but that's okay. Now I know how to make it! (And properly this time.) \o/

  • I woke up this morning to find out about a freak typhoon that hit the Philippines-- two cities in particular that had whole subdivisions and whatnot submerged under water. Called my parents but they were already asleep, which at least meant they were safe. At dinner tonight my parents called back to let me know what was going on; the worst that happened was they weren't able to go to my grandmother's 80th birthday and my brother had to sleep at his campus overnight because they were sort of stranded there. But otherwise everybody's fine.

  • I tried getting into Friday Night Lights once, a long time ago, but somehow the beginning of the first ep dragged on too long for me to bother with. Anyway, I took to watching it again, and it's really pretty compelling stuff. Sometimes it gets overly dramatic but really, good stuff. I wish I knew this during the summer, when there were like ZERO shows on, though. Now I have to squeeze it in between Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl and Merlin and House and HIMYM and Glee and hockey and fantasy too, and RPing and so on and so forth. Never been so glad to no longer be a student than now.
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Things, things, things, in no specific order:

  • Washington is a pretty city, but I'm not trading Chicago for it. Washington is all neat and proper and appropriate, while Chicago's got this edge to it that HELLO, IS IN BATMAN. :|

  • While American history, as it turns out, doesn't do much for me, I believe I'm acquiring an interest in all things World-War-II-related. :| Like. Everything. The period itself is-- I kinda see what Captain Jack Harkness loves about it so much, and just. Yes. :|

  • This vacation has been grrrrreat. Like, I'm under no stress to omg-see-everything-NOW and as it is also largely unplanned, it has become somewhat a natural occurrence for me to simply stumble into pleasant surprises. My first day it was the Portrait Gallery, yesterday it was the Holocaust Memorial, today it was Jim Henson's gallery at the Smithsonian Castle. I've allowed myself time to sit under the shade of a tree when I so desire to catch up with a book or fill out a crossword, though I've not had the chance to write.

  • Neil Gaiman is going to be in a Chicago suburb this October. I want to seeeeeee. I hope I can. Fingers crossed!

  • I have decided that I am going to try to go to Leaky Con in Boston, because I loved Terminus so much and anyway, I've always wanted to see Boston. Who's with me? :D (I even have ideas for programming, lol)
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I decided two weeks ago, purely on whim, to visit the capital after Terminus. So, um. As of 1 hour before departing for the airport, I have:

  • my boarding pass
  • the confirmation number for the hostel
  • a mostly packed bag
  • dressed myself

I don't have:
  • directions from the DC airport to the hostel
  • any other plans

This is the sort of thing that will either be made of epic failure or epic win. Wah or wahoo.

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I'm currently reading Eoin Colfer's latest Artemis Fowl book, The Time Paradox, and I really wish one of the characters hadn't been called Jayjay, because if I can stop myself from reading it as Vajayjay I might be able to give it a coherent review or something.
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I have moved from my dorm to an apartment! \o/ And because I'm a cheapskate, I moved everything myself (nearly everything-- my roommate helped lug an extra luggage bag for one trip, and I took a cab to move my desk and my mini-fridge) so I've been moving since May 10.

Well, not really. I moved stuff around for a few days, and today I got the last of my stuff from the dorm and now I can rightly say that I have ~officially~ moved.

And my apartment is made of so much ~WIN~!

Exhibit A. The View

I am such a dork, I know; click if you want to humour me )

I would show you my kitchen but that's even more boring than this. :| But yes. Suffice to say, I am very very pleased.
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life updates I'm recording just for posterity's sake, or, you know, if anyone was wondering what I'd been up to these days:

  • Internship - I think I got one. I say I think because I've not heard word from my employer since I told them I'd love to work with them. It's unpaid work for 40 hours a week beginning as soon as the spring semester ends and ending just before the fall semester begins. Should be a fairly interesting learning experience. (That's what I call them-- learning experiences.)

  • Apartment - Never talked about it here, not really, except for that one time I ranted, but I've found an apartment and roommates who seem okay, so that's all well and good. We're all three of us squeezing into a one-bedroom (they share the living room, and the bedroom is all mine) in a high-rise lake-view condo fifteen minutes from downtown, three blocks from the nearest train station. I am so excited.

  • Chicago - I'm loving this city more and more each day. This Friday [ profile] ccharlotte and I are going to Looptopia (and trying to stay out all night long) even though next week is like, hell week. It's not like this happens more than once a year, though. (Finals, meanwhile, happen far too often.) Plus, we're going to see Kate Nash (also going to see Made of Honor, lololol cannot wait). I can has Friday nao plz?

I'm tired a lot of the time, but I'm mostly pleased about how things are going.

'Sup, flist?
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i cut my finger on a can of soup (campbell settlement, here i come!) and had to get stitches in the ER in the middle of the night, in my flaming pink hello kitty pajamas, and now my finger is all dressed up so i either look like i'm perpetually giving someone the finger OR i bought the newest attachable toy from babeland.

happy chinese new year, folks.
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I can't believe people are paying me $15 an hour to talk to them. About shit. Seriously.

It does require some travel and it is rather tiring if you've worked all day, taking stressful calls and when your new co-worker is too fresh to pull his weight around and if nearly every question via email and call is beginning to turn you very, very racist. I need to remember all customer service jobs are awful because some customers just--yes, you got it--suck. (There's a universal, culturally-insensitive truth for you.)

But nothing does raise your spirits more than Torchwood nearly done and an impromptu waffle toasted in your seven-dollar toaster, topped with whipped cream you bought on whim and just because you can (because they certainly don't have this in most grocery shelves back home), and liberally syrupped with honey in a sachet that your roommate has, for no particular reason.

Torchwood now. :D
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I just woke up at 5am today so I can bake cookies before leaving for work because I need to give these cookies to some people right after work and I have no time otherwise. Also, I hate that I used this icon for the baking allusion.

You know you're overworked when you've been waking up at the crack of dawn for the last couple of days just to find time to squeeze in all the extra things you have to do *fails*

I have caught up on Heroes though (and noticed that every time my hands touch metal suddenly, I feel a JOLT OF ELECTRICITY OMG I'M ELLE *wins*), and tonight I've Private Practice, Gossip Girl, and House. \o/ Gosh, three hours already. WHEN am I going to do my homework? :\

I don't even BAKE. Actually. Besides that one time when I sort of helped out, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I HAVE BAKED ANYTHING BY MYSELF. And I am giving these to people to eat. What am I thinking? :|
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Since this entry I feel like I can say nothing else that is more interesting or more amusing, so I'll go for the opposite and bore you to tears. See my icon be ironic. Hahaha.

  • I got a part time job starting yesterday and consequently overslept for it.
  • I have got a major oral and written presentation due next Tuesday and even though it's group work, I'm essentially micromanaging it and I haven't written anything for the paper yet.
  • I will be out of town on the one weekened before the project. Shall be in New York from Friday to Sunday.
  • I have 45 minutes until the bus to the downtown campus arrives, and instead of being productive I am contemplating catching up on Heroes. (I probably won't, but I'll likely not be productive either.)
  • I still need to do my laundry tonight when I get back home at like, 10pm. Fun.

On the bright side:

  • I had another presentation/homework/project due on Monday which required research, but thankfully the research topic overlapped with what I was already doing for Tuesday, so yesterday I just sent my bits to my groupmates.
  • I will have money to pay for the swanky ivory coat I ordered. :|
  • The quarter will soon be over.

QUESTION: If the Harry Potter series were real, and somewhere in an alley between a bookstore and an audio store Diagon Alley bustles to life, and-- wait, hang on.

Which BNF do you think will most likely fit in with the world of Harry Potter and why? :|

Yes, of course this question is important. :| OH MY GOD I THINK I KNOW WHO. *ponders*
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Leaving for the airport in approximately six minutes, leaving the country (for what could be two years or more :|) in around four and a half hours. Should be back in a week or so, perhaps from my cousin's house or my brand-spanking new dorm. :|

Leave me love, darlings. ♥
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So I was at Seattle's Best waiting to use the lavatory (hee, how British :| Pretentiousness PWNS), right, and the guy using it finally goes out, and I enter the bathroom...

and find piss drops on the toilet seat.

"Can you please AIM?" came out of my mouth without my thinking, and because I was listening to the OST of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and I still heard myself talk, I would imagine my voice was rather loud.

And yep, when I peeked at the slitted bottom part of the door, I saw his feet. He had probably heard me.

I don't know why I felt guilty--that toilet seat should have either been PUT UP or CLEANED.


In other news, I think I found my purpose tonight. :|
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This song is awesome, and if you don't believe me, you can click and hear it in real time instead of downloading.

imeem's nifty, why have we not discovered this before?

EDIT: Line says it's bad, but to put it into context, it's a parody of bubblegum Britney pop, which THEREFORE makes it CLEVER trash, and not my way of, as she put it, "circumventing the system and being able to enjoy Britney". PFFT.


And HERE is a parody of 80s pop. You must also listen to it.


Actually, forget the Pop! song, JUST WATCH ITS VIDEO. Bad 80s Pop as parodied! Hugh Grant shaking his ass! A FAKE HOSPITAL SCENE! FAKE BACKGROUNDS, etc etc. Hilarity all around! :D


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