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  • Signed up for Nano! I'm not entirely sure why, what with [redacted] happening in November and not having plot and time and all of that, but. I signed up. Right now I think I'm doing Teen Wolf which, EL OH EL, but [ profile] theaeblackthorn gave me plot that I might be able to play with. WE WILL SEE I will try to spend this weekend plotting it out.

    The PLAN for Nano:
    - 2-hour writing blocks on Monday evening (3000-word goal) -- 12000 max
    - 4-hour writing blocks on Wednesday (6000-word goal) -- 24000 max
    - 1.5-hour writing blocks weekday mornings (2250-word goal) -- 27000 if 3x a week, 45000 if 5x, not counting Thanksgiving
    - at least 2 4-hour blocks on weekends (min 6000-word goal) -- 18000 not counting Thanksgiving

    Not entirely sure I'll be able to pull off the daily morning thing and the last time I did the 4-hour writing blocks I came up with a little under 10k SO THIS MIGHT JUST WORK. The problem is, and has always been, plotting. Also focus. I'll honestly need to have legit plot before November though. What do 50k words look like plot-wise? Seriously, this is my problem.

  • Getting a new laptop. Been sitting on this decision for the last year, but I bought my Mac in 2007 and have never updated its OS, which is a problem because I'm four behind and it's hard to install new software now because, you know, BEHIND. <.< >.> I was going to update it, but it turns out it can go as high as the OS Lion, but not the Mountain Lion (which is newer).

    The laptop itself is still working, it is, but the memory's catching up to it, I think, and I'd much rather replace it now and move my files over before, you know, having the hard drive crash and fail and I end up losing everything.

    But it's still in good working condition at 5 years, I am impressed, so it's not even a question that I'm sticking with Apple. Before I had my Mac I had a shitty Acer laptop that died within 2 years. In that time I have had to take it to random service places and paid out of pocket for things to get fixed. Meanwhile Apple customer service has never done me wrong -- it faltered a few days after my warranty expired and they serviced it for free. I dropped sparkling water in it and fried it WAY past the warranty expiration AND THEY SERVICED IT FOR FREE (IT WOULD HAVE BEEN $850) BECAUSE I ADMITTED IT WAS MY FAULT. Like. What even.

    I'm thinking it's just time, too. EXCITED. :D

  • Considering getting this too. I don't tend to be frivolous but ngl bags are kind of a weakness. D: Also I travel a lot and it'd be nice to have a purse that my laptop can easily slot out of when I'm going through security and just in general too, IDK look it looks professional and not a diaper bag I love my Vera Bradley messenger bag but I wouldn't have bought it if a friend hadn't given it to me because diaper bags idk.

  • HOCKEY. Okay maybe not really but HOCKEY. IS. HAPPENING. Going to a charity game this Friday. The 2010 Blackhawks that I like are playing and fasjf;asjfkasl;dflaksj yes I just want to see some goddamn hockey already. I should be going to AHL games but IDK, never get around to looking at ticket prices and stuff. I have a friend who works for the Wolves and can get me free tickets but it's a matter of waiting on her too, because the last time we tried to do that she texted me two days before the game I'd wanted. :|

  • Potted Potter. It is showing in Chicago and I am watching it this November AND I CANNOT WAIT. It's been a long time since I was in a theater urgh. Also considering Kinky Boots because my friend said it was fun and Groupon has 35% off for it IDK. Probably not though already spending so much monies. :|

Sorry, this is just random rambling because I felt the need to update. :|
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Living on the edge

Things I tried last night:
- homemade absinthe
- a Cuban cigar
- standing on the questionably stable wooden floor of our balcony for longer than a minute

Possibly the last part was what made me the most nervous.

Remember when our watch parties just had themed cupcakes?

On the actual Opening Ceremony

It needed more TARDIS.

Remember when Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics?

Neither do I but I needed to connect this last bit somehow.

Slightly Insulting Chicago Posters

I want this poster in my life. Unfortunately they're not selling it yet.

I also want the Loop one, since I work in the Loop and tend to be in the area a lot. If you do want to get an idea about what the neighborhoods are like in this city, check out the Tumblr because holy ACCURATE, Batman.
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  • has been really iffy with me in the last few days. I know some of you guys have talked about backing your LJs up-- what programs do you use and how do I go about doing that?

  • Speaking of LJ, my paid account expires soon, like December 1 soon. I want to change my layout into something like, black, white, red and floral (like my room), before the account changes back into more limited settings, but I am out of ideas. Grr. Help?

  • Want to know a bit of awesome? You can bake peanut butter cookies with only 3 ingredients. That's right: 1 egg, 1c sugar, and 1c peanut butter is all a girl needs to be happy in this world. (Just mix them all together, put dollops on a cookie sheet, bake on 350-375F for ~10min, and voila!)

  • Live near Chicago/somewhere in the Midwest? Have no plans for the second weekend of December? Come watch Were the World Mine with fellow slashers! Sign up post and details are over here.

  • Thanksgiving dragging you students down? Here's a fairly helpful article on The College Students' Guide to a Happy Thanksgiving. Am going to see if it works. :|
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It's a little sad that primary reason I'm eyeing the Amazon Kindle at all is because it's connected to Wikipedia at all times, and as such, can now be considered Earth's version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.



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